A wide variety of careers

We have been providing travel for generations. With more than 1,800 employees, we are one of the largest and also most popular employers in the region. One third of all employees is employed in Chur and Landquart. The other two thirds are busy ensuring things move forward in the various valleys and communities throughout Graubünden. The variety of positions is every bit as diverse as the places of work: from A as an automation engineer to T as a train guard.

A look at everyday life in the various professions.

We’re like one big family.
We change points or track and lay new railway lines. We work a lot outdoors and are out and about on the entire rail network. We ensure that our customers are able to travel safely and in comfort. We are track assemblers.

The digital train is underway and we are looking for ideas.
We are the contacts for all IT problems. We test and implement new software products and provide users with advice. We install and maintain workstations, servers and LAN systems. We have our headquarters in Landquart. We are IT specialists.

There's always something going on here.
We are a young, active team. We assemble overhead lines and work with all machinery. We carry out a range of tasks from train driver through shunting manager to construction site manager. We are catenary line fitters.

We are the interface between design, workshop and engineering.
We are the builders and are on the job from the very start until the product is finished. We measure, draw, adapt and invent. We are construction engineers.

We take responsibility from the front.
In the dense rail network, we ensure safety, punctuality, reliability and quality. We are on the rails on the entire network at all times of the day and night. We take locals and people from further afield from A to B. We are train drivers.

The ambassadors for our customers.
We know the product range, particularly the premium products Glacier and Bernina Express. We advise locals and people from further afield in all their travel plans. We are outgoing and service-oriented. We are travel advisers.