Lost Property Service

Find what you have lost

You can report lost property via the internet, by telephone, or at any ticket office. A reclaim fee will be charged if the item is found.

Reporting a loss via the internet costs you nothing. However, if you report a loss to the SBB Rail Service on 0848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/min. from Swiss landlines) or at a ticket counter, you will be charged CHF 15.00 for this service.

Reclaim fees

If we find the item you have lost, you pay a reclaim fee as follows

With a GA travelcardCHF 5.00 per item
With a Half-Fare travelcardCHF 10.00 per item
With a personal annual point-to-point season ticket or regional travel system passCHF 10.00 per item
With none of the aboveCHF 20.00 per item
Despatch to an address outside SwitzerlandCHF 50.00 per item plus shipping costs
Switch to a different collection station following notificationCHF 10.00 per item

Sale of unclaimed items

Once the period required by law has expired, unclaimed items are forwarded to the fundsachenverkauf.ch GmbH company for sale by public auction. Information on upcoming auctions can be found at www.fundsachenverkauf.ch.