1-day travelpasses

The GA travelcard for a day

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The GA travelcard for a day: the 1-day travelpass for Half-Fare travelcard holders lets you travel wherever you want by train, bus, post bus, tram and boat. The whole day long with just one ticket.

The 1-day travelpass is valid on all routes on which the GA travelcard allows you to travel for free. Depending on your mood, you can choose a 1st or 2nd class ticket. 1-day bike passes are also available.

New: The Friends Day Pass for Youth enables you to travel throughout Switzerland for an entire day in a group of two, three or four people – for just CHF 80 in 2nd class or CHF 120 in 1st class. There’s only one condition: all passengers must be under the age of 25.


Product range Prices
1-day travelpass, 1st class 127.00
1-day travelpass, 2nd class 75.00
Multipack of 1-day travelpasses, 1st class 762.00
Multipack of 1-day travelpasses, 2nd class 450.00
1-day travelpass for children, 1st class 33.00
1-day travelpass for children, 2nd class 19.00
Friends Day Pass for Youth, 1st class 120.00
Friends Day Pass for Youth, 2nd class 80.00
1-day travelpass for dogs 25.00
1-day bike pass  14.00
Multipack of 1-day bike pass  84.00
1-day class upgrade 52.00
Multipack of 1-day class upgrades 312.00

Profit from the Saver Day Pass: book earlier, benefit more. Further information and booking of the Saver Day Pass