Audio-visual recordings

Making sure recording goes smoothly

Permission is required for commercial photography and video recordings on board trains, at stations or at other Rhaetian Railway sites. The same applies to audio recordings. Photographs for private use may be taken without a permit.

The Rhaetian Railway is a popular subject for photo and film shoots. The Corporate Communications department will be happy to help with your commercial photography or film projects as far as possible.

Please note that photography and film projects frequently entail a great deal of time and effort and, therefore, not all projects can be realised to the desired extent.

Media representatives, photographers and film crews are thus requested to contact Corporate Communications at an early stage: +41 81 288 63 66 or contact form below.

Film records

Video material in TV quality about the Rhaetian Railway, the Bernina Express and the Glacier Express can be found under the following links:

Drone recording

The Rhaetian Railway permits drone recording if the regulations of the Federal Office of Civil Aviation are complied with. The drone owners are responsible for the flight. In addition, the following applies to the Rhaetian Railway:

  • At least five metres safety distance from the railway infrastructure
  • No flights over moving trains
  • Drone flights must be registered using the form below

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