Strong brands

Famous all over the world

With the Bernina Express, the Glacier Express and the UNESCO World Heritage «Rhaetian Railway in the Albula/Bernina Landscapes», we have brands which are known all over the world. 


Bernina Express

The observation-car train Bernina Express travels from Chur (585 metres above sea level) through the wild Albula Valley into Oberengadin and then on to the highest point at 2,253 metres above sea level on the Bernina Pass. From there the journey continues down over a series of spectacular man-made structures to Poschiavo and on to the Italian town of Tirano (429 metres above sea level) – from glaciers to palms. The four- or five-hour trip, depending on your point of departure, takes you through climatic extremes and connects cultures and languages. One highlight quickly follows another along the route: disorienting helical tunnels and dizzying viaducts in the Albula Valley, glaciers close up and, to round it all off, palms and lots of Italian charm.

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Glacier Express

Since 1930, the Glacier Express, the slowest express train in the world, has been travelling from Engadin to the Matterhorn and on its eight-hour trip connects the world-famous spa towns Davos/St. Moritz with Zermatt. The panoramic cars give passengers breathtaking all-round views and the new Excellence Class sets standards as high as the mountain peaks along the legendary route. The dishes prepared freshly in the on-board kitchen are an additional source of enjoyment for our passengers. During their journey, they can use headphones to listen to information on all the highlights in six languages. From St. Moritz to Thusis (around 60 km), the Glacier Express travels through the Albula Valley with its famous Landwasser Viaduct.

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RhB UNESCO World Heritage

Since July 2008, the Albula and Bernina Lines have been a UNESCO World Heritage site. That means that we were the third railway in the world to be seen by UNESCO as «universally outstanding». The «Rhaetian Railway in the Albula/Bernina Landscapes» is a masterpiece of railway engineering resulting from a diverse interplay of politics, business, technology, culture and nature.

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