Recreate engineering structures

Railway fans around the world enjoy recreating Rhaetian Railway train lines, viaducts and tunnels – making them great ambassadors for this unique mountain railway. For a small charge, Rhaetian Railway makes plans of its lines and structures available to model-makers.

You can conveniently order the desired plans using the form below. You will receive an invoice by e-mail. As soon as you have paid the invoice, the plans will be sent to you.

Modellnachbau des Bahnhofs Stuls im Bahnmuseum Albula.

Cost per offer

OrderAmount due
The overall price of the ordered plans is less than CHF 75.00.CHF 75.00
The overall price of the ordered plans is more than CHF 75.00.Overall price of plans

We are sure you will understand that, owing to the great demand, we charge a minimum amount of 75 francs for each order – as a contribution to the costs involved.

If requests result in extra work, Rhaetian Railway is entitled to charge the fee of 75 francs simply for issuing an offer. In this case, you will be informed accordingly after submitting your request and are free to decline receipt of an offer without incurring any costs. If you subsequently purchase the plans, the fee for the offer will be waived.

Price list for plans

ObjectExamplePrice in CHF
Stations / haltsRailway cadastral planper plan35.00
Buildingssmall, e.g. stop, waiting room,
ground plan, facades
per building50.00
large, ground /facade plans (approx. 3-5)
e.g. station building St. Moritz, Pontresina,
goods shed Disentis/M.
per building80.00
Engineering structuressmall bridge / passage (1 plan)per object35.00
large viaduct (several plans)per object80.00
Tunnel portalsper object10.00

Order form for plans