Multi-ride tickets

Buy once – travel six times

If you travel fairly frequently, but not regularly, on the same route, a multi-ride ticket is the best option for you: buy once – travel six times.

The multi-ride ticket is valid for one year, includes six individual journeys, is 20 per cent cheaper (in Graubünden) than a single ticket, non-personal and therefore transferable. And holding a Half-Fare travelcard lets you benefit even more as you can purchase the multi-ride ticket at half price.

By the way: GA 1-day travel passes are also available as multipacks.

If you are travelling within a Transreno fare network, you cannot buy a multiple-journey ticket. In this case, we recommend that you choose a ticket from the Invia Shop. In many cases, a Transreno day pass is also inexpensive, especially if you are travelling several times in one day within the fare network.


Tickets and further information can be obtained at all staffed stations of the Rhaetian Railway, by calling Railservice on +41 81 288 65 65, or by using the contact form.