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The more people that travel, the cheaper it gets

Happiness is one of the few things in life that multiplies as it is shared. So what could be better than sharing your ride on the Rhaetian Railway through the wonderful landscape of Graubünden with a group of friends? It also costs less. 

Groups of ten or more generally benefit from a 20 per cent discount on regular fares. School groups and Y+S (youth and sport) groups consisting of passengers aged under 25 even pay a massive 60 per cent less.

The cost of any scouting trip will be deducted from your final booking.


Offers and further information can be obtained by calling Railservice on +41 81 288 63 26, or by using the contact form.

Tipp Gruppenreisegepäck

Gruppen ab 10 Personen können ihr Gepäck zu Sonderkonditionen innerhalb der Schweiz aufgeben. Informieren Sie sich zu den Angeboten für Gruppen ab 10 Personen oder für Schulen und J+S-Gruppen

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