Culture & Values

Learn, act, inspire

The Rhaetian Railway is a reliable and innovative employer with attractive positions in a wide range of professions. The company's contract of employment, drawn up together with the social partners, offers progressive and attractive working conditions for all employees.

As a modern employer the Rhaetian Railway offers present-day and attractive working conditions for its close to 1,800 employees. The Rhaetian Railways pursues a policy of active further training and education that encourages the employees' potential and promotes development opportunities. Thanks to the training alliance in the name of login trainees are provided with the optimal conditions and gather important job experience. The Rhaetian Railway is committed to health care. Difficult situations or conflicts are discussed openly and solutions developed together. The goal: a motivating working atmosphere.

The core values of the Rhaetian Railway are:

Symbolbild für den Wert «begeistere».

Inspire - I am attentive

Symbolbild für den Wert «handle».

Act - I am responsible

Symbolbild für den Wert «lerne».

Learn - I am curious