Legal form and shareholders

Owned by the Canton and Confederation

Rhaetian Railway Inc is constituted as a joint stock company under private law in accordance with Art. 620 et seq. of the Swiss Code of Obligations (OR). The canton of Graubünden and the Swiss Confederation are its main shareholders.

The objects and organisation of the company are set forth in the Articles of Association of the Rhaetian Railway. The Railways Act (EBG) sets out the rules governing organisation and accounting. This federal act and the act governing public transport in the Swiss canton of Graubünden also include the legal basis for the granting of operating and investment contributions to Rhaetian Railway.

The share capital amounts to CHF 57,957,000 and is divided into 7,394 ordinary shares with a nominal value of CHF 500 each and 108,520 preference shares with a nominal value of CHF 500 each. All shares are registered and fully paid-in. Each share entitles its holder to one vote at the general meeting. There are no restrictions regarding the transferability of Rhaetian Railway shares.

The shareholder structure is as follows:

51.3%: Canton of Graubünden

43.1%: Confederation

  1.0%: Local authorities within Graubünden

  4.6%: Private individuals / companies

Major participations
Rhaetian Railway holds 100% of the shares in RhB Immobilien AG, 50% of the shares in Glacier Express AG and 50% of the shares in Panoramic Gourmet AG.

Organigram of the most important shareholdings of the Rhaetian Railway Inc (RhB)

Articles of Association and Annual report

Articles of Association of Rhaetian Railway (German)

Annual report 2023 (German)


Key shareholder information can be accessed via the shareholder platform: Login Shareholder Platform

In case of an address change, please notify generalversammlung(at)

General Meeting
The general meeting is the company's supreme governing body. The ordinary general meeting takes place once a year, within six months of the end of the financial year. Notice of the meeting is given no later than 20 days before the scheduled date. The official publications are the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce and the Official Gazette of the Canton of Graubünden. The duties and powers of the general meeting and the participation rights of the shareholders are set forth in the articles of association.

The next general meeting will take place on Friday, 20 June 2025, in Chur.