Rolling Stock

Key figures

Any railway that wishes to offer holiday and leisure experiences must operate up-to-date rolling stock. The list of rolling stock gives a comprehensive overview of the Rhaetian Railway's locomotives, railcars and carriages and wagons of every kind.

The panoramic observation cars of the Bernina Express and Glacier Express offer a combination of breathtaking views and maximum passenger comfort. The Allegra railcars are powerful, elegant and comfortable in equal measure. People with disabilities can board and leave without difficulty. Display screens give passengers real-time information about their journey.

The RhB continues to invest in rolling stock as part of its efforts to meet passengers requirements and present an attractive face to the outside world.

Alvra-Gliederzug bei Testfahrt auf dem Landwasserviadukt

Articulated Alvra train on the Landwasser Viaduct.

RhB and its rolling stock
Engines / traction vehicles57
Articulated Alvra trains6
Panoramic cars46
Passenger coaches and control cars206
Scenic carriages and bicycle vans20
Dining and service cars  13
Luggage cars24
Goods wagons331
Car carrying wagons61
Service vehicles225
Shunting vehicles28
Historic vehicles35
Total rolling stock


(As at July 2020)
ALLEGRA main line railcar

ALLEGRA main line railcar