Bernina Express

From glaciers to palms

One of the most spectacular ways to cross the Alps: the Bernina Express from Chur / Davos / St. Moritz -
Valposchiavo - Tirano links up regions with different languages and cultures. This is not a rack railway and the train winds its way gently through splendid scenery. For a touch more Italian flavour, the journey continues on through picturesque Valtellina and past Lake Como to Lugano with the modern Bernina Express Bus. One of the highlights is the panoramic journey through the UNESCO World Heritage RhB.

On the highest railway across the Alps, the Bernina Express climbs up to the glistening glaciers before descending to the palms of Italy far below. This rail link between Northern and Southern Europe builds bridges between regions with different languages and cultures.

The railway is unique, blending ideally with the alpine landscapes around the Albula and Bernina Passes. The train negotiates the 55 tunnels, 196 bridges and inclines of up to 70 per mille with ease. At the highest point on the RhB, 2,253 metres above sea level, you will find the Ospizio Bernina. Here, visitors can delight in the cultural and natural surroundings and enjoy the Alps at their most impressive. The railway line from Thusis - Valposchiavo - Tirano has UNESCO World Heritage status. A brand name.

For a touch more Italian flavour: Travel from 25 March until 23 October 2016 comfortably on the Bernina Express Bus from Tirano to Lugano. Tirano is the departure point for the journey through the picturesque landscape of Valtellina – an Italian valley famous for its wines. Gaze out over pretty bays and charming little fishing villages as you travel along the shores of Lake Como. The narrow roads that hug the shores of Lake Lugano bring us on into Switzerland and our destination, Lugano.

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Der Bernina Express auf dem Kreisviadukt in Brusio. Bild: Christof Sonderegger

The Brusio Circular Viaduct is a true masterpiece of bridge engineering on the Bernina Line. It was built to limit the gradient of the line to just 7 per mille.

Der Bernina Express bei Ràsica in Tirano, im Hintergrund die Kirche San Rocco. Bild: Christoph Benz

The route passes through a varied terrain of orchards, chestnut trees and vineyards on its way to Tirano in Italy.

Der Bernina Express auf dem Berninapass, links im Bild der Lago Bianco. Bild: Andrea Badrutt

Lago Bianco is a watershed. To the south, the waters flow into the Adriatic and to the east, into the Black Sea.

Der Bernina Express bei Bergün. Bild: Erik Süsskind

The line is harmoniously embedded in the surrounding landscape. Railway and nature blend into one.

Der Bernina Express in der Montebellokurve. Bild: Erik Süsskind

The Montebello Curve is one of the most widely photographed subjects on the Bernina Line.

Der Bernina Express auf dem Landwasserviadukt bei Filisur. Bild: Tibert Keller

The 136-metre-long Landwasser Viaduct is the signature structure of the Rhaetian Railway.

Der Bernina Express im Domleschg, im Hintergrund die Burg Ortenstein. Bild: Foto Geiger

The Domleschg Valley is one of the regions in Switzerland to boast the most castles.

Tirano is where the UNESCO World Heritage site ends and the Valtellina region begins.

With its Mediterranean flair, culture and history, Lugano invites visitors to enjoy sheer indulgent relaxation.

When you travel on the Bernina Express, you will enjoy one highlight after another. There is everything from impressive constructions to spectacular views.

Albula/Bernina UNESCO World Heritage route

The Albula and Bernina section of track is a masterpiece in terms of civil engineering and routing. Landscape and railway blend into one: in wide radiuses, ingenious man-made structures punctuate rugged valleys. The Landwasser Viaduct, the helical tunnels between Bergün and Preda and the Brusio Circular Viaduct all stand testimony to the early, pioneering days of the railway.


Landwasser Viaduct

The viaduct at Filisur spans the Landwasser Valley and leads directly into a tunnel. The construction of the three main pillars in 1901/02 was an outstanding architectural feat, considering that the viaduct was built using only two cranes and without scaffolding. This is the most spectacular landmark on the Rhaetian Railway and it has become famous the world over.


Ospizio Bernina

The highest point on the RhB is situated 2,253 metres above sea level. The watershed between Lago Bianco and Lej Nair is also the language frontier between the Romansh-speaking Engadine and the Italian-speaking Valposchiavo. The Bistro Albergo at the railway station was renovated in 2013 and serves tasty snacks at teatime.


Alp Grüm

The view from here is unforgettable: the Palü Glacier, Bernina Range, Bergamasque Alps and all Valposchiavo. On the sunny terrace of the Restaurant Alp Grüm, the owner serves genuine pizzocheri – the legendary buckwheat noodles – made to his own special recipe.



The valley in the southern Alps is a great place to enjoy lengthy hikes, leisurely strolls and fine regional specialities. Explore the historic heart of Poschiavo, centred around its pleasant piazza, and discover various aspects of the valley's history in one of the museums or the colourful "Spanish Quarter" built by returning emigrants. Soaking up the beautiful scenery at the Lago di Poschiavo makes a fitting end to a memorable trip.


Brusio Circular Viaduct

This viaduct turns round a 360-degree curve, lengthening the track so that it is possible to overcome the difference in altitude in the narrow Valposchiavo. The Brusio Circular Viaduct is considered the most spectacular construction on the Bernina Line.



The Alpine valley in the north of Italy is known for its winter sports and its wine. Bormio, Chiesa and Val Masion are popular with skiers and climbers. Having gone slightly out of fashion last century, Veltliner wine is now back in demand – particularly in neighbouring Switzerland.


Bernina Express Bus

Following a tasty lunch in Tirano, the Bernina Express Bus is ready and waiting to take passengers on a leisurely drive through the picturesque landscape of Valtellina, past Lake Como, where many stars own holiday homes and Hollywood films are shot, to Lugano. With its Mediterranean flair, the destination steeped in culture and history invites visitors to enjoy sheer indulgent relaxation. 



Bernina Express train

Line 1: Chur - Tirano - Chur
Line 2: Davos Platz - Tirano - Davos Platz
Line 3: St. Moritz - Tirano - St. Moritz

Bernina Express Bus

The panoramic bus operates on the following route:

Lugano - Tirano - Lugano

For more information on the hours of operation and where you can board and disembark, see the timetable.


Seat reservation required

A supplement is charged for the reservation in addition to the price of a valid ticket. The supplement per person and leg of journey is:

Bernina Express in summer

05.05.2016 - 23.10.2016

CHF 14.00

Bernina Express in winter

26.10.2015 - 04.05.2016

CHF 10.00

Bernina Express Bus

25.03.2016 - 23.10.2016

CHF 14.00
  • Prices subject to change.
  • Children aged 6 to 16 pay half the fare. The seat reservation supplement must be paid in full.
  • Children under 6 occupying a seat of their own pay half the standard fare. The seat reservation supplement must be paid in full.
  • Children under 6 not occupying a seat of their own travel free.  
  • Half-Fare travelcard, GA travelcard, municipal 1-day-travelpass, Junior travelcard, Swiss travelpasses are all valid. The seat reservation supplement must be paid in full. 



Price per leg of journey (surcharge excluded)

Journey from Chur

2nd class1st class2nd class, back1st class, back

Chur - Tirano - Lugano           

CHF 87.00CHF 134.00CHF 174.00CHF 268.00
Chur - TiranoCHF 62.00CHF 109.00CHF 124.00CHF 218.00
Chur - PoschiavoCHF 55.00CHF 97.00CHF 110.00CHF 194.00
Chur - Le Prese CHF 57.00CHF 100.00CHF 114.00CHF 200.00


Journey from Davos Platz

2nd class1st class2nd class, back1st class, back
Davos Platz - Tirano - LuganoCHF 75.00CHF 113.00CHF 150.00CHF 226.00
Davos Platz - TiranoCHF 50.00CHF 88.00CHF 100.00CHF 176.00
Davos Platz - PoschiavoCHF 42.00CHF 74.00CHF 84.00CHF 148.00
Davos Platz - Le PreseCHF 45.00 CHF 79.00CHF 90.00CHF 158.00


Journey from St. Moritz

2nd class1st class2nd class, back1st class, back
St. Moritz - Tirano - LuganoCHF 60.00CHF 84.00CHF 120.00CHF 168.00
St. Moritz - TiranoCHF 31.00CHF 55.00CHF 62.00CHF 110.00
St. Moritz - Poschiavo

CHF 23.40

CHF 41.00CHF 46.80CHF 82.00
St. Moritz - Le PreseCHF 25.00CHF 44.00CHF 50.00

CHF 88.00

  • Prices subject to change.
  • Prices VAT included, without supplement.
  • Children aged 6 to 16 pay half the fare. The seat reservation supplement must be paid in full.
  • Children under 6 occupying a seat of their own pay half the standard fare. The seat reservation supplement must be paid in full.
  • Children under 6 not occupying a seat of their own travel free.  
  • Half-Fare travelcard, GA travelcard, municipal 1-day-travelpass, Junior travelcard, Swiss travelpasses are all valid. The seat reservation supplement must be paid in full. 

Tickets / seat reservations

You can purchase your ticket and reserve your seat for the Bernina Express and the Bernina Express Bus online at our Ticket Shop.

You can also obtain tickets and further information at all manned stations of the Rhaetian Railway or from Railservice, tel. No. +41 81 288 65 65 as well as by filling in the contact form.

Quotation request for groups (10 or more persons)


Panoramic view through the very large windows; generously equipped, air-conditioned carriages. Our comfortable observation-cars have 1st- and 2nd-class sections.

The first class observation-cars have spacious and comfortable single or double seats. As there are fewer passengers in these carriages, your trip will be quieter and more relaxed. In addition, passengers in the panorama carriages of the Bernina Express have the possibility of borrowing inspiring and educational books from the new on-board library. The selection of books is extensive and is being continuously optimised.

The second-class observation cars have comfortable double seats with plenty of leg room.


In the Bernina Express there is a minibar service offering tasty snacks and refreshing drinks. This train does not have a restaurant car. Lunch is available in Poschiavo or in Tirano (Italy).


Take a piece of your holiday home with you and revel in unforgettable memories. You're sure to find a suitable memento or gift in our souvenir shop. 

Border crossing

If you are travelling to Tirano and/or Lugano you will need a passport or identity card to cross the border.

Tip: Book your Bernina Express trip incl. Hotel accomodation. Attractive packages here.

Timetable 05.05.16 - 23.10.16

Chur / Davos / St. Moritz – Poschiavo / Le Prese / Tirano – Lugano

Train 973Train 951Train 961Train 975Bernina Express Bus*


8:32 am



-9:18 am--
Davosdep--09:53 am-
Filisur1dep-9:33 am10:16 am-


9:47 am10:29 am-
Samedan1dep--11:09 am-
St. Moritzdep9:30 am--3:12 pm
9:41 am
10:19 am
10:21 am
11:17 am
3:21 pm
Ospizio Bernina2arr


--3:51 pm
Alp Grüm2arr
10:13 am
10:57 am
11:57 am
4:00 pm
4:01 pm
11:12 am
12:00 am
12:08 am
12:48 am
4:48 pm
Le Prese2arr12:31 am12:16 am1:01 pm5:01 pm
12:00 am
12:45 am
1:32 pm
5:32 pm
2:20 pm
Luganoarr----5:30 pm

Boarding stop
Alighting stop
*Bernina Express Bus: 25.03 - 23.10.2016

Lugano – Tirano / Poschiavo / Le Prese – St. Moritz / Davos / Chur

Train 976
Train 974
Train 950
Train 960
Bernina Express Bus*
Lugano dep----10:00 am

10:03 am

2:03 pm

2:26 pm
3:12 pm
1:00 pm
Le Prese1 dep 10:41 am2:41 pm2:55 pm3:36 pm
Poschiavo1 arr

10:48 am
10:49 am

2:49 pm
3:09 pm
3:47 pm
3:57 pm
Alp Grüm1 arr

11:25 am

3:24 pm
3:44 pm
Ospizio Bernina1

11:48 am3:33 pm-4:50 pm
Pontresina2 arr12:24 am4:02 pm4:16 pm5:19 pm
St. Moritz arr12:36 am4:20 pm--
Samedan2 arr


--5:27 pm
Bergün2 arr
--5:04 pm6:04 pm
Filisur2 arr
--5:18 pm6:18 pm
Davos arr
---6:46 pm
Tiefencastel2 arr


-5.31 pm-
Thusis2 arr
--5.49 pm-
--6.20 pm-

Boarding stop
Alighting stop
*Bernina Express Bus: 25.03. - 23.10.2016

Timetable 24.10.16 - 10.12.16

Chur / Davos / St. Moritz – Poschiavo / Le Prese / Tirano

Train 9511Train 9532
Churdep.8:32 am

8:58 am

Domat /Emsdep.-9:04 am
Reichenau-Taminsdep.-9:08 am
Thusisdep.-9:30 am


9:18 am9:47 am
Davos Platzdep.8:31 am39:31 am3
Filisurdep.9:33 am10:02 am
Bergündep.9:47 am

10:14 am

Samedandep.9:48 am410:48 am
St. Moritzdep.9:48 am410:48 am4
Pontresinadep.10:21 am11:04 am
Ospizio Berninaarr.-

11:29 am

Alp Grümarr.10:57 am11:40 am
Poschiavoarr.12:00 am12:22 am
Le Prese4arr.12:16 am12:29 am

12:45 am

1:00 pm


1 Only saturday/ sunday/ public holidays
2 Only monday- friday, without public holidays
3 Change in Filisur
4 Change in Pontresina

*Bernina Express Bus: 25.03 - 23.10.2016

Tirano / Poschiavo / Le Prese – St. Moritz / Davos / Chur

Train  9501Train  9542

2:26 pm

3:00 pm

Le Prese3dep.2:55 pm3:25 pm

3:09 pm

3:37 pm
Alp Grüm3dep.

3:44 pm

4:14 pm
Ospizio Bernina3


-4:21 pm
4:16 pm
4:21 pm
4:52 pm
St. Moritzarr.5:11 pm 55:11 pm 5

5:08 pm 5

5:08 pm
Bergün4arr.5:04 pm5:47 pm
Filisur4arr.5:17 pm5:59 pm
Davos Platzarr.6:29 pm 66:29 pm 6

5:31 pm

6:15 pm
Thusis4arr.5:49 pm6:30 pm
Reichenau-Tamins4arr.-6:51 pm
Churarr.6:20 pm7:03 pm

1 Only saturday/ sunday/ public holidays
2 Only monday - friday, without public holidays
3 Boarding stop
4 Alighting stop
5 Change train in Pontresina
6 Change train in Filisur

* Bernina Express Bus: 25.03. - 23.10.2016

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