Advisory Board

Providing advice

The Advisory Board makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding constructional, technical and commercial developments at Rhaetian Railway. The Parliament and Government of the Canton of Graubünden each elect ten members to the Board for a four-year term of office.

The Advisory Board meets at least once a year. The Board of Directors and Management Board of Rhaetian Railway participate in the meetings in an advisory capacity. The Advisory Board receives information on constructional, technical and commercial developments at the company and may submit recommendations on these to the Board of Directors. When the Board of Directors was reorganised and streamlined in 1998, Rhaetian Railway / the cantonal government created the 21-member Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is presided over by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rhaetian Railway. The Advisory Board consists of the following members:

Altmann Yvonne, Arosa Costa Diana, Pontresina Hegner Walter, Chur
Bergamin Roman, Tiefencastel Darms-Landolt Margrit, Schnaus Holzinger-Loretz Anna-Margreth, Schiers
Blarer Patrick, Samedan Della Vedova Alessandro, San Carlo Müller Emil, Susch
Bürgi-Büchel Jeanette, Zizers Deplazes Beat, Chur Preisig Franziska, Samedan
Candinas Armin, Rabius Gujan-Dönier Barbara, Klosters Schläpfer Kathrin, Thusis
Cavigelli Mario, Domat/Ems (Vorsitz) Engler Peter, Davos Dorf Schutz Felix, Filisur
Censi Samuele, Grono Fromm Georg, Klosters Zanetti Livio, Landquart