Together we are strong

With 1,800 employees, we ensure that our trains operate reliably day in day out, whatever the season. Although we are divided up into several business divisions in terms of organisation, we work hand in hand so that our passengers and goods get to their destination safely and on time. Together we form the basis of the quality and success of the Rhaetian Railway.

The Infrastructure business division maintains and modernises both the rail network and our stations. It maintains tracks, points and safety systems, and ensures that the various routes and stations can be used safely at all times of the year whatever the weather. The focus is always on bringing technical progress into harmony with the historical uniqueness of the routes and buildings. 

A challenge with which the Rolling Stock business division is all too familiar. It takes care of our vehicles from the initial idea to their last day in service. In the workshops, the specialists are responsible for maintaining and modernising all vehicles. From steam engines through Vereina car transporter, freight and panoramic cars to state-of-the-art railcars. The Rolling Stock business division not only makes our own vehicles fit for operation; it also carries out orders for other railways.

On the basis of the work of Infrastructure and Rolling Stock, the Production division guarantees smooth operations. It makes sure that passenger, freight and car trains run reliably and on time with sufficient seats and capacity – both today and in the future. It dictates the rhythm in the cab and during shunting, as it does in the background when planning and monitoring rail traffic. And it moves freight from the road to the rails. 365 days a year.

It is not freight but our passengers all over the world which are the focus of the Sales division. This is where fascinating products and offers are developed, which are designed to appeal to the various needs of our passengers and can thus be sold worldwide. Regardless of whether it is about marketing in Japan, advice at the station, passenger care on board or digitally on the online channels, the Sales division is in direct contact with our passengers at all levels.

With this range of activities, it is important that the money earned and expenditure are kept in check. This is something taken care of by the Finance division which, along with finances, is also responsible for materials management, IT and the property of Rhaetian Railway. With a contemporary IT infrastructure and technically sophisticated solutions, it creates important working conditions. It ensures additional income with the rental of property and the further development of station sites.

These divisions all have one thing in common. They can count on the support of the Staff / HR division. Important cross-divisional functions concern themselves with recruiting and HR matters, quality assurance, internal and external communication as well as the health and safety of employees, guests and business partners. In the Corporate Development division we also have specialists who look after the future of Rhaetian Railway, making important decisions and steering planning at an early stage to ensure that, in the future, you yourself, your car and your freight continue to get to your destination safely and reliably.