Glacier Express

The slowest express train in the world

The panoramic journey on the Glacier Express through the Swiss Alps is one to remember – with highlights from start to finish. St. Moritz is the playground of the rich and famous and Zermatt is home to the world's most photographed mountain, the Matterhorn.

The 8-hour journey on board the slowest express train in the world takes passengers over 291 bridges and through 91 tunnels. From cosmopolitan St. Moritz the train snakes its way through the Albula Valley. Or start your trip in Davos Platz and take the regional train across the Wiesen Viaduct to Filisur where the Glacier Express will be waiting for you. Your trip then continues in the Glacier Express through the Rhine Gorge, Switzerland’s very own Grand Canyon.

This feast for the eyes is followed by a feast for the palate: starter, main course and dessert are freshly prepared in the on-board kitchen and served directly at your seat. Order your lunch now online.

You will find out everything you need to know about this particular route through the Alps via headphone – making sure you don't miss a single highlight.

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Der Glacier Express auf dem Landwasserviadukt bei Filisur. Bild: Tibert Keller

The Glacier Express sweeps majestically across the 136-metre-long bridge over the rugged Landwasser Valley directly towards the ramp in the vertical rock face.

Der Glacier Express bei Preda im Albulatal. Bild: Andrea Badrutt

The line is harmoniously embedded in the natural landscape of Parc Ela.

Der Glacier Express in der Rheinschlucht bei Versam. Bild: Andrea Badrutt

The Rhine Gorge is rightly nicknamed the "Swiss Grand Canyon".

Der Glacier Express bei Disentis/Mustér, im Hintergrund das Kloster Disentis. Bild: Tibert Keller

The Benedictine Abbey at Disentis is one of the oldest in Europe.

Essen und Trinken im Glacier Express. Bild: Bernhard Lochmatter

The food is freshly prepared in the on-board kitchen and served directly at your seat.

Der Glacier Express zwischen Andermatt und Oberalppass. Bild: Max Galli

Thanks to the large panoramic windows, you enjoy unimpeded views of the Swiss Alps.

Blick auf das Matterhorn bei Zermatt. Bild: Max Galli

The pyramid form of the Matterhorn is the world's most photographed mountain.

There are numerous highlights to marvel at when you travel on the Glacier Express.


Elegance, style and class: St. Moritz is not simply a holiday resort. This is the place where Alpine winter holidays were born in 1864. Nowadays, fabulous restaurants and internationally famous hotels welcome guests from around the globe.



The mountain village of Zermatt is surrounded by a large number of majestic 4,000-metre peaks – including the inimitable Matterhorn. 300 days of sunshine a year and clear mountain air are guaranteed. Because Zermatt is car-free. Electro-mobiles are the only vehicles allowed – and trains. If you still haven't seen enough following your trip on the Glacier Express, you can continue on to Gornergrat which offers unbeatable views of the Matterhorn.



Davos is the point of departure for the Glacier Express and Bernina Express. The highest city in Europe, famous for the diversity of sporting, leisure and cultural activities on offer, its healthy climate, ice hockey club and Spengler Cup, the Kirchner Museum and the World Economic Forum (WEF) or the fun freestyle scene on the Jakobshorn. Catch the Glacier Express Bus from Davos or Lenzerheide to connect with the slowest express train in the world!


Albula Line

Even today, the 62-kilometre Albula Line is still considered a masterpiece in terms of railway engineering and routing. The RhB opened the spectacular section of track between Thusis and St. Moritz in 1903, after just five years' construction. The red train climbs over 1,000 metres in altitude – thanks to the Solis Viaduct, Landwasser Viaduct and the helical tunnels between Bergün and Preda – without rack-and-pinion technology.
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Rhine Gorge

Ruinaulta is the name given to the monumental Rhine Gorge between Ilanz and Reichenau in the local Romansh dialect. You will see rare birds, white rock faces and bizarre geological formations in the Swiss Grand Canyon that can only be crossed on foot, by bike, train or boat.
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Bookable sections of line

Long-distance routes (bookable on all trains)

Station of departureStation of arrival
St. MoritzZermatt
St. MoritzBrig
St. MoritzAndermatt
Davos Platz *Zermatt
Davos Platz *Brig
Davos Platz *Andermatt
Tiefencastel / FilisurZermatt
Tiefencastel / FilisurBrig
Tiefencastel / FilisurAndermatt

* Transport between Davos Platz and Filisur by regional train.
All partial routes can also be booked in the opposite direction.

Short-distance routes

Between 10 May and 14 October 2018 four short-distance routes are being added to the Glacier Express experience. The new routes can be booked on trains 900, 901, 906 and 907. These routes attract a reduced supplement.

Station of departureStation of arrival
St. MoritzChur

All partial routes can also be booked in the opposite direction.

Prices and compulsory seat reservation

A seat reservation is required and can be made by individual travellers up to three months in advance. Book well in advance online, by phone on +41 81 288 65 65, or at any railway ticket office in Europe. A supplement is charged for the reservation in addition to the price of a valid ticket.

Price per leg of journey

2nd class adults2nd class 1/21st class adults1st class 1/2
Long-distance routes (bookable on all trains)
St. Moritz (via Chur) - Zermatt153.0076.50269.00134.50
St. Moritz (via Chur) - Brig115.0057.50202.00101.00
St. Moritz (via Chur) - Andermatt85.2042.60149.2074.60
Davos Platz (via Chur) - Zermatt145.0072.50255.00127.50
Davos Platz (via Chur) - Brig107.0053.50188.0094.00
Davos Platz (via Chur) - Andermatt77.2038.60135.2067.60
Chur - Zermatt119.0059.50210.00105.00
Chur - Brig81.0040.50143.0071.50
Andermatt - Zermatt74.0037.00130.0065.00
Short-distance route (Only bookable on the Glacier Express 900 / 901 / 906 / 907, 10.05.–14.10.2018)
St. Moritz - Chur42.0021.0074.0037.00
Chur - Andermatt51.2025.6090.2045.10
Andermatt - Brig36.0018.0063.0031.50
Brig - Zermatt38.0019.0067.0033.50
  • Prices subject to change.
  • Prices in Swiss francs (CHF) per person incl. VAT, without supplements. 
  • Children aged 6 to 16 pay half the fare. The seat reservation supplement must be paid in full. 
  • Half-Fare travelcard, GA travelcard, municipal 1-day-travelpass, Junior travelcard, Swiss travelpasses are all valid. The seat reservation supplement must be paid in full. 
  • Discounts for Interrail and Eurrail passes. The seat reservation supplement must be paid in full.

Seat reservation required

The supplement per person and leg of journey is:

Long-distance routeShort-distance route
10.12.2017 - 29.03.201823.0013.00
30.03.2018 - 15.06.201833.0023.00
16.06.2018 - 16.09.201843.0033.00
17.09.2018 - 14.10.201833.0023.00


You can buy your ticket and seat reservation for the Glacier Express and Glacier Express Bus directly from our Ticket Shop.

Tickets and further information can also be obtained at all staffed stations of the Rhaetian Railway, by calling Railservice on +41 81 288 65 65, or by using the contact form.

Request offer for groups (10 persons)

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A fascinatingly different gift.
Looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones? Why not give them an unforgettable experience with the Rhaetian Railway!

Panoramic cars

All-round views that let you immerse yourself in the landscape, including announcements on the highlights along the way. Find out everything you need to know about the route via headphones – with commentaries available in Chinese, English, French, German, Italian and Japanese.



Enjoy a delicious lunch, freshly prepared in the on board kitchen and served directly at your seat. Choose between the à la carte offer, the dish of the day for CHF 30.00 or the freshly prepared 3-course meal, which varies each day, for CHF 43.00.

Menu Panorama Bar
Glacier Express menu
Freshly prepared daily menu (10 menus)

Catering – reservations

Please make sure to order your lunch in good time.
We recommend making a reservation for lunch in advance. Book lunch conveniently online using the booking form. Answers to the frequently asked questions on catering on board the Glacier Express can be found under dining on the move.

For groups of 10 people or more, reservations are compulsory.

The GTCs of Panoramic Gourmet AG apply to catering reservations.


Take a piece of your holiday home with you and revel in unforgettable memories. You're sure to find a suitable memento or gift in our souvenir shop.

Frequently asked questions

What does "service at your seat" mean?

The concept of "service at your seat" has existed since 2006 on the Glacier Express trains. As passengers, you are served at your seats in the panoramic cars. You can let the staff know that you wish to order something by pressing the service button.

Are there still traditional restaurant cars on board the Glacier Express?

No. However, the vintage Gourmino dining cars are still in operation on the Albula Line. The Gourmino dining car also operates on the regional train between Chur and St. Moritz at certain times. To find out which regional trains have a dining car, please consult the timetable.

Is a lunch reservation automatically included in the seat reservation?

No. The seat reservation merely refers to the seat. You can reserve your seat and order lunch via the MGB online reservation system.

Do I need to make a reservation for lunch?

For groups of ten people or more, reservations are compulsory. Reservations are recommended for individual passengers. The availability of dishes and menus can only be guaranteed by reserving in advance.

At what times is food served?

On the Glacier Express trains, lunch is served in two separate sittings for organisational reasons.

Train no.1st class2nd class
90012.15 p.m.12.45 p.m.
90111.15 p.m.11.45 p.m.
90211.45 p.m.12.15 p.m.
90311.45 p.m.12.15 p.m.
90412.15 p.m.12.45 p.m.
90512.15 p.m.12.45 p.m.

What is on offer and how high are the prices?

Each day – in addition to the à la carte menu – a freshly prepared three-course meal is on offer comprising salad or soup (depending on the time of year), a dish of the day (meat with side dish and vegetables) plus dessert or a selection of Swiss cheese with bread and butter. The three-course meal costs CHF 43.00 per person. Alternatively, you can choose a dish of the day (without starter and dessert) for CHF 30.00. The à la carte dishes range in price from CHF 8.80 to CHF 37.00. Simply place your order directly with the service staff.

How and where can I reserve lunch on the Glacier Express trains?

Before you can order lunch, you first have to make a seat reservation for the Glacier Express. You can reserve your seat conveniently online at You can also order lunch via this website or through Rhätia Werte AG.

How can I pay on board the Glacier Express or dining car?

You can pay in cash or, for amounts of CHF 20.00 or more, by credit card (Euro/Mastercard, Visa, American Express). Our head waiter will issue you with a receipt.

Buy your ticket and the seat reservation directly in our ticket shop.

Summer Timetable 10.05.2018 - 14.10.2018

St. Moritz / Davos Platz – Zermatt

StationTrain 901Train 903Train 905*Train 907
St. Moritzab / dep. 
part. / dép.
Celerinaab / dep. 
part. / dép.
Samedanab / dep. 
part. / dép.
Bergünab / dep. 
part. / dép
     Davos Platz aab / dep. 
part. / dép.
Filisurab / dep. 
part. / dép.
Tiefencastelab / dep. 
part. / dép.
Thusisab / dep. 
part. / dép.


Churab / dep. 
part. / dép.
Disentis/Mustérab / dep. 
part. / dép.
Andermatt an
Andermattab / dep. 
part. / dép.
Brigab / dep. 
part. / dép.
St. Niklausan

* runs from 01.05.2018 to 14.10.2018

a) Change train in Filisur

1) Boarding stop

2) Alighting stop

Zermatt – St. Moritz / Davos Platz


Train 900Train 902Train 904*Train 906
Zermattab / dep. 
part. / dép.
St. Niklausab / dep. 
part. / dép.
Brigab / dep. 
part. / dép.
Fieschab / dep. 
part. / dép.
Andermattab / dep. 
part. / dép.
Disentis/Mustérab / dep. 
part. / dép.
Churab / dep. 
part. / dép.
     Filisurab / dep. 
part. / dép.
     Davos Platz aan
St. Moritzan

* runs from 01.05.2018 to 14.10.2018

a) Change train in Filisur

1) Boarding stop

2) Alighting stop