10 hints for your next trip through the Vereina Tunnel

From Prättigau to Engadin or vice versa. The Vereina Tunnel connects two of the most beautiful regions in Graubünden. To make your journey with the car train more relaxing, we have 10 hints for your next trip.

Sandra Mayerhofer, Unternehmenskommunikation, 06. March 2023

1 Use the traffic jam barometer

In addition to the weather, school holidays, public holidays and major events also affect the number of cars on the car transporter. That’s why you should use our traffic jam barometer when planning your trip. There you can see when we expect longer waiting times between December and the end of April. Depending on the loading point, Klosters-Selfranga or Sagliains in the Engadin, the waiting time may vary. 

2 Check the timetable and current waiting times

The timetable provides a good overview of the operating hours of the Vereina car transporter. If you want to know exactly when the next train is leaving and how long you have to wait, especially at weekends and during holiday periods, take a look at the current waiting times.


Travelling by car train through the Vereina Tunnel

3 Purchase an online ticket or a Vereina value card

Buy your single ticket online in the Vereina Ticket Shop. Then all you have to do is show it on site. As a frequent user of the car transport service, you can also buy the reloadable Vereina value card or top up credit in the ticket shop. With the Vereina value card, you can save up to 35 per cent. Alternatively, you can purchase your single ticket or value card at the cash desk and pay in cash or with a card.

4 Provide food, drink and entertainment

Prepare for possible waiting times. Bring something with you as a pastime. And to make sure you don’t have to worry about being hungry or thirsty, it’s also worth taking snacks and drinks with you. Alternatively treat yourself to a drink or snack at the Railway Bistro in Selfranga or at the vending machine in Sagliains.

5 Be patient and fair

Try to stay calm and patient. Even if the car in front of you manages to get on the car train and you have to wait. Our employees always do their best. Fairness towards everyone is an important precept.

Our local staff provide help on the car transporter

6 Keep an eye on the charge level of your car battery

When you are waiting or driving, turn off unnecessary power users (e.g. lights, air conditioning, etc.) and make sure your car battery is well charged. You would be surprised how many times we have to help jump start a car in the queue.

7 Move up to the car in front

Saving space is the order of the day. Move up as close as you can to the car in front on the train so that as many vehicles as possible can be transported. The closer the cars come together, the more cars fit on the car train. Be sure to follow the instructions issued by our staff.

8 Get your vehicle ready for the ride

Put the car in 1st gear or (P) ark, turn off the engine and apply the handbrake.

9 Stay informed in the tunnel

Turn on the radio (traffic and train announcements): SRF 1 (95.2 MHz), Radio Südostschweiz (99.7 MHz), Rumantsch (89.4 MHz). All channels can also be reached via DAB+.

It’s getting dark: through the Vereina Tunnel in 18 minutes

10 Enjoy the ride

The journey through the tunnel takes about 18 minutes – enjoy the trip and enjoy the rest of your journey. See you soon!


Giacomo Baiocco 25.04.2024

Hello, what is the maximum height allowed for a single car ? I have a shuttle on top of my car, reaching the height of 2.20 m; does it fit the train lay-out ?

Reply Admin Profile Rhätische Bahn AG (RhB) 25.04.2024

This is no problem. The carriages have a height of 3.60 metres.

Zoran S 08.02.2024

Hello. I have a campervan 4,5T. How much cost ticket in one direction? Best regards, Z

Qing Zhao 25.12.2023

I want to put my car in the train in St. Moritz, can I ask how long time would be taken and how much will be?

Reply Admin Profile Rhätische Bahn (RhB) 05.01.2024

Good afternoon The journey through the tunnel will take 18 minutes and the costs for vehicles are depending on their weight. A normal car up to a maximum of 3.5 tonnes costs CHF 39.00 I hope this helps you, kind regards!

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