Il Mesolcines

Nostalgic coaches

Il Mesolcines is the ideal partner for La Bucunada: together, the two yellow coaches form a historical Bernina composition. Sit back in the hand-woven basket chairs and let your gaze glide over the landscape of the UNESCO World Heritage route as it passes by.

The vintage coach with BC 110 classification, which dates back to the year 1909, was known by the name Mesolcines because it was used in the valley of Misox (Italian: Valle Mesolcina) between 1996 and 2002. The carriage is equipped with 12 woven basket chairs and authentic 3rd class bench seating for a further 31 passengers. Il Mesolcines runs on the Bernina Line but can also be used in conjunction with other charter rides.

Enjoy your trip south in the nostalgic "Il Mesolcines" coach.

Bernina Line vintage train

Team up Il Mesolcines with La Bucunada and the two historical ABe 4/4 30 and 34 railcars. Then you'll be travelling in the original coaches of the former Bernina Line over the rooftop of the RhB.


Il Mesolcines


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Sample fares (without meals)

  Mesolcines BC 110 (max. 43 seats) Bucunada BC 114 (max. 24 seats)
St. Moritz - Tirano CHF 1'700.00* CHF 1'500.00*
St. Moirtz - Tirano - St. Moritz CHF 2'950.00* CHF 2'500.00*
Stationary in St. Moritz half / whole day CHF 350.00 / CHF 600.00 CHF 250.00 / CHF 400.00

*10% discount when embarking/disembarking in Ospizio, Alp Grüm, Poschiavo.

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