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The rolling destination for gourmets

Indulge your every sense in the Gourmino dining car: while impressive scenery flits by outside, our cooks will serve up a taste of Graubünden. The Gourmino operates on the spectacular Albula Line between Chur and St. Moritz.

On request, delicious cuisine and cocktail bar can be included in the package. You can opt to enjoy the culinary and Alpine delights in the period restaurant cars, each of which seats 34. Top service, stylish interior decor and outstanding food. The freshly prepared dishes will be to everyone's taste. The exclusive 3-course menus are based on local products. Twice as nice when enjoyed in the cosy ambience of the vintage dining car from the 1930s – a real feast for the eyes!

Tip: You can also hire the Gourmino dining car for events and special occasions.

3D - Aufnahme

Hier finden Sie die 3D-Aufnahme des Gourmino Wagens.

Alongside the culinary highlights, travelling on the Gourmino provides you with magnificent views of the UNESCO World Heritage site.

Freshly prepared food

The dishes are freshly prepared by the chefs in the Gourmino dining car. The waiting staff will be happy to help you choose from the menu.


유네스코 세계유산 알불라(Albula)/베르니나(Bernina) 노선

알불라(Albula)와 베르니나(Bernina)를 관통하는 노선은 건축 기술과 노선의 형상에 있어 최고의 걸작입니다. 풍경과 철도가 서로 화합을 이룹니다. 철도는 확장되는 반원형으로 섬세한 부대 구축물을 지나 험준한 협곡을 통과합니다. 란트바써 고가교(Landwasserviadukt), 베르귄(Bergün)과 프레다(Preda) 사이의 환상(環狀)터널, 혹은 브루지오 나선 고가교(Kreisviadukt Brusio)는 시간이 증명해준 철도 선구자입니다.


Engadin & St. Moritz

St. Moritz enjoys picture-perfect winter days with style and charm: first-rate leisure and sporting activities, cultural events and world-class shopping. The Segantini Museum houses the most extensive collection of work by the famous local artist. Pontresina features both stylish hotel buildings from the Belle Epoque era and houses in the traditional Engadin style. In Zuoz, you can enjoy a fine coffee in the highest-situated coffee roasters in Europe – Cafè Badilatti.


Blick vom See auf St.Moritz Dorf. Bild: Erik Süsskind

Castles of the Domleschg Valley

Nowhere else in Europe are so many castles, fortresses and ruins to be found in such a small area. Between Chur and Thusis, medieval towers, castles and ancestral homes stand perched on rocks or loom up out of dark woods and villages. The castles of Hohenrätien and Ehrenfels exude a palpable sense of history.



Let us surprise you with carefully prepared regional specialities.
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Make sure to book your seat in the dining car in good time. You can do so conveniently online.

Further information is available at sales(at) or by calling +41 81 300 15 15.

The GTCs of Panoramic Gourmet AG apply to reservations for dining in the Gourmino.