The Buffer Zones

The Rhaetian Railway is a unique example of a railway that blends harmoniously into an alpine landscape. The happy symbiosis between landscape and railway didn't happen by chance but came about as a result of meticulous forward planning and a lucky combination of technical innovations and consideration for the landscape.

Berninastrecke bei Alp Grüm

Bernina route at Alp Grüm

Albulastrecke zwischen Bergün und Preda

Albula route between Bergün and Preda

Apart from the railway line, the surrounding landscape also belongs to the world heritage sites. In this context a differentiation is made between three buffer zones. The qualified buffer zone is adjacent to the core zone and contains important and valuable cultural sites - places of national significance. The immediate buffer zone encompasses all those areas that are adjacent to the core zone but which are not classed as being part of the qualified buffer zone. This zone includes residential properties of more recent construction and small commercial and industrial zones. The distant buffer zone covers the remaining landscape that is visible from the railway line.