W wybranym przez Państwa języku nie są dostępne wszystkie treści. Czy chcieliby Państwo poznać cały świat Kolei Retyckiej? Zmień na angielski.


W wybranym przez Państwa języku nie są dostępne wszystkie treści. Czy chcieliby Państwo poznać cały świat Kolei Retyckiej? Zmień na angielski.

Experience the Arosa bear sanctuary

In a special carriage to the bears

Travel to the Arosa bear sanctuary with our special carriage and immerse yourself in the world of bears on your way there. The innovative animal welfare and tourism project was initiated by representatives of the Arosa Bear Foundation and the animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS. The sanctuary is a new home for bears rescued from appalling conditions who will be able to enjoy their retirement in an appropriate, animal-friendly way. We look forward to taking you to Arosa and back in our new themed extra carriage - without a surcharge.

A tree trunk on the tracks? We're serious: the extra carriage, which will be travelling the Chur-Arosa section according to timetable, will set the scene for a visit to the new Arosa bear sanctuary. The bear sanctuary train is reminiscent both inside and out of a tree trunk that has been examined by the various brown bears illustrated on the walls.

In addition to the colour coding, various books on bears and information on the sanctuary are available to you throughout your journey to help you prepare for your trip to the sanctuary. This means the entire family can get ready for the different play areas, trails and other attractions on the mountain while they travel there by train. In other words the journey there on the special carriage will ensure the trip to the Arosa bear sanctuary is 'pawsitively' amazing.

3D - Aufnahme Spezialwagen Bärenland

Hier finden Sie den Link zur 3D-Aufnahme des Spezialwagens.

How to travel to the bear sanctuary

You can travel between Chur and Arosa in our special carriage, which is decked out in all manner of bear-related motifs. You then take the first section of the Arosa - Weisshorn aerial cableway to the midway terminus. After that, the bear sanctuary is only a few minutes' walk away.



Bear sanctuary visitor platform

The visitor platform offers wonderful views of the sanctuary and of Amelia, Meimo, Sam and Jamila (the bears) as they go about their various activities. You'll also be able to enjoy the stunning mountain panorama from here. 


Educational aspects of the sanctuary

Within the visitor platform and dotted around its exterior are various educational elements providing background information on bears – for children as well as grown-ups.


Langwieser Viaduct

The red train hovers elegantly 62 metres over the Plessur River. With a length of 284 metres, the Langwieser Viaduct in the Schanfigg Valley is the largest RhB bridge. 100 years ago, pioneering railway builders constructed what was then the first railway bridge of its size to be made from reinforced concrete. Today, it is considered a heritage site of national importance. In winter it is romantically bathed in a glow of light.


Taking the special carriage to the Arosa bear sanctuary:
The Arosa bear sanctuary, which welcomed its first official occupant, Serbian circus bear Napa, on 4 July 2018, is under the Arosa-Weisshorn cable car (1st section).  The RhB special carriage: 

  • The carriages run according to timetable in both directions between Chur and Arosa
  • There is no surcharge on the regular fare


Subject to change


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