Les contenus ne sont pas tous disponibles dans la langue choisie. Désirez-vous découvrir le monde de la Rhätische Bahn dans son ensemble? anglais


Les contenus ne sont pas tous disponibles dans la langue choisie. Désirez-vous découvrir le monde de la Rhätische Bahn dans son ensemble? anglais

Footplate rides

Riding up-front

It's what every railway enthusiast dreams of: Journey beside the driver in the cab of an RhB locomotive through the Albula Valley or along the Bernina Line, the highest railway line in the Alps. Not only do you have a front-row seat – there's also a certificate and snapshots to remember the journey by.

Over 100 years ago, the railway pioneers built the Albula and Bernina lines through the impassable mountain terrain of the Swiss canton of Graubünden. Today, these two railway lines are still among the most spectacular experiences available on rails – not least thanks to the many attractions: the Solis and Landwasser Viaducts, helical tunnels between Bergün and Preda, Ospizio Bernina, Alp Grüm and the Brusio Circular Viaduct.

A lasting memory: At the end of the day, the RhB will present you with a commemorative certificate and photo.

Bon cadeau

Une manière fascinante d’offrir autrement.
Êtes-vous à la recherche du cadeau idéal pour vos proches? Offrez des expériences inoubliables avec les Chemins de fer rhétiques!

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The journey on the footplate is in itself the highlight of the day. And there are further highlights to follow such as the souvenir certificate.


Depuis le Domleschg, la Rhätische Bahn serpente le long de la vallée de l'Albula en traversant des tunnels hélicoïdaux, des galeries et des viaducs. La ligne harmonieusement enchâssée dans le paysage est considérée comme un joyau de l'époque des pionniers du chemin de fer, avec en point d'orgue le viaduc de Solis, le viaduc de Landwasser ou les tunnels de manœuvre entre Bergün et Preda. La ligne  est inscrite au Patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO.


Bernina Line

The Bernina Line between St. Moritz and Tirano links northern and southern Europe in a most impressive fashion. For over 100 years now it has been running past mountains, lakes and glaciers down to the palms of Valtellina. The famous panoramic route is a true landmark which has UNESCO World Heritage status.
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Professional guide

Making your day in the driver's cab a guaranteed success: an experienced engine driver will accompany you during this exclusive railway experience. You will hear stories and anecdotes about the Rhaetian Railway, learn about the Albula/Bernina landscape and its engineering structures.

Commemorative certificate

To ensure the footplate ride remains long in the memory, at the end of the day, the Rhaetian Railway will present you with a commemorative certificate and photo.

Virtual journeys on Google Streetview

You can experience the famous line across the Alps from the driver's cab – virtually: Google Streetview lets you peek over the driver's shoulder and gives you clear views of the UNESCO World Heritage route.
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AdultsCHF 850.00
Adults with GA travelcardCHF 800.00
Children aged 12 and overCHF 700.00 


The price includes:

  • Footplate ride for 1 person between Chur - St. Moritz, St. Moritz - Tirano or vice versa
  • Accompaniment by an experienced member of Rhaetian Railway staff
  • Two Rhaetian Railway 1-day passes in 1st class for the outward and return journeys
  • Detailed description of route with explanation of signals
  • Commemorative certificate with personal photo


Available via station Ilanz on +41 81 288 43 16 (with credit card).

Please contact the station Ilanz at least 7 days before the desired date.

Albula line

StationTrain 1129
Churdep9:58 am
St. Moritzarr12:03 pm
StationTrain 1148
St. Moritzdep1:57 pm
Churarr4:03 pm

Bernina line

StationTrain 1625
St. Moritzarr10.48 am
Tiranodep1.00 pm
StationTrain 1660
Tiranoarr3.00 pm
St. Moritzdep5.11 pm