Ve zvoleném jazyce nejsou k dispozici všechny obsahy. Chcete se podívat do světa Rhétské dráhy? Přejít na anglický.


Ve zvoleném jazyce nejsou k dispozici všechny obsahy. Chcete se podívat do světa Rhétské dráhy? Přejít na anglický.


Starting your career

The education of trainees is of great importance to the Rhaetian Railway. That is why it works with login, the transport sector’s professional partner for vocational education and training.

Although the trainees serve their apprenticeship with the Rhaetian Railway, they are actually employed by login. As a result, they benefit from a carefully structured education whilst also gaining access to professional expertise.

The Rhaetian Railway, in partnership with login, is the biggest vocational trainer in the canton of Graubünden. We are currently training over 100 young people in the canton in eleven different careers.

The Rhaetian Railway's eleven apprenticeship careers:
Plant engineerReal estate fiduciary services clerk
Automation engineerPublic transport clerk
Public transport specialistDesign engineer
Track layerLogistician
IT specialistMechanical engineer
Public transport retail specialist

You will find full details of the apprenticeship careers offered by the Rhaetian Railway at www.login.org.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Can I apply for an apprenticeship with the Rhaetian Railway directly?

The RhB does not employ trainees directly. The application process is handled by the login training association. The RhB, like many other companies in the public transport sector, is a login partner company. All of Rhaetian Railway's apprenticeship places are advertised on the login web site. The easiest way to find them is to click on the canton of Graubünden in the map.

Trainee centre exchange for KVöV and Logistics:
As a KVöV or Logistics trainee, you have the opportunity to serve your apprenticeship with a variety of different public transport companies. Each semester, you move to a different work placement, which may be internal (staying at the RhB) or external (moving to another company).

What are the requirements for admission to the trial-apprenticeship programme?

Before you can take part in an RhB trial-apprenticeship programme, you must complete a 90-minute assessment test in Landquart. The test covers verbal and mathematical skills, and spatial awareness. Its purpose is to ensure that you meet the entry requirements for the apprenticeship you wish to undertake.
The assessment test and trial-apprenticeship programme are organised by login Berufsbildung. Find out more at www.login.org or contact login directly on: 0848 822 422.

Are you ready for a successful professional future with plenty of variety and lots of stimulating activities? Then apply today for a trial-apprenticeship programme with RhB!

Application procedure

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