Ve zvoleném jazyce nejsou k dispozici všechny obsahy. Chcete se podívat do světa Rhétské dráhy? Přejít na anglický.


Ve zvoleném jazyce nejsou k dispozici všechny obsahy. Chcete se podívat do světa Rhétské dráhy? Přejít na anglický.

Piano Bar

Travelling by train in style

The landscape drifts by outside as the pianist plays inside. It's a relaxing way to end the working day – by enjoying a drink as the train glides along. Modern design paired with nostalgic details, a freshly mixed drink in your hand: on board the Piano Bar you'll soon feel like you're in a scene from the movies.

When live music across the spectrum from jazz to classical is playing, the bar tender is serving delicious drinks accompanied by appetizers and nibbles – that's what we call travelling by train in style. The rolling bar with its real piano can seat 23 guests and can be used anywhere on the Rhaetian Railway network. Hold your party on the train – or enjoy a drink as the train takes you to the party. Let us serve up the perfect mix.

Tip: The Piano Bar can be ideally paired with the saloon cars of the Alpine Classic Pullman Express.

3D - Aufnahme Piano Bar

Here you will find the link to the 3D recording of the Piano Bar.

Travelling in the Piano Bar is a highlight in itself. Other highlights are the food, the bar and of course the piano.


Give in to the temptation of fine nibbles and delicious finger food. The RhB serves cold platters and appetizers to order.


The charming bar tender really knows his stuff. Choose from a list of exclusive creations and he will mix your favourite drink with a quick shake of the wrist.



On request, we can arrange to have a bar pianist provide your group with live entertainment of the highest level – creating a truly special atmosphere.



Offers and further information can be obtained by using the contact form.

Sample fares (without meals)

Chur - St. Moritz CHF 2'600.00*
Chur - St. Moritz - Chur CHF 4'600.00*
Chur - Arosa CHF 1'600.00
Chur - Arosa - Chur CHF 2'850.00
St. Moritz - Tirano CHF 2'200.00**
St. Moritz - Tirano - St. Moritz CHF 3'850.00**
Stationary in Chur half / whole day CHF 450.00 / CHF 850.00
Stationary in St. Moritz whole day CHF 1'250.00

*10% discount when embarking/disembarking in Thusis, Filisur or Bergün.
***10% discount when embarking/disembarking in Ospizio, Alp Grüm, Poschiavo.

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