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Travelers Wifi - bye bye roaming charges

We all know how it feels. You are out of the country and discovering plenty of new things, enjoying the very best in food, finding the most attractive hiking trails and marvelling at fantastic views.

Bianca Kohler, Online and mobile specialist, 06. October 2020

And you really want to share all these experiences with your friends and family at home. But when you return home, you often have a rather large mobile phone bill waiting for you because it’s expensive to use Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and Co. in foreign parts. To make sure that doesn't happen to you on your next trip, Travelers Wifi is the perfect solution!  

Travelers Wifi gives you an inexpensive alternative to expensive roaming charges so you can share your Bernina Express selfies, Landwasser Viaduct snaps and the view on Alp Grüm with the rest of the world. With the portable Wifi device, you can use unlimited high-speed Internet throughout Switzerland. You are travelling in a group? Even better! Up to ten devices can be connected with the device at any one time. The battery pack also works for up to six hours and can be recharged anywhere using the cable supplied. 

How does it work?

Simply collect your Travelers Wifi from one of the many pick-up points at airports, tourist information offices, post offices and select railway stations. It can be obtained, for example, at the RhB stations Davos Platz, Scuol-Tarasp, St. Moritz, Arosa and Klosters Platz. 

Once you’ve got it, all you have to do is switch the device on and get surfing! Thanks to a daily flat rate, you can always keep an eye on your running costs – and that means unpleasant surprises after your holiday are a thing of the past. 

When you’re finished using the Internet, just drop off the Wifi device at one of the rental stations or a post office. If you can’t make it to a rental station or a post office counter in time, simply drop off the package in one of Swiss Post’s post boxes. 

Like the idea? Book your pocket Wifi router now at www.travelerswifi.com and enjoy unlimited Internet throughout Switzerland. We're looking forward to seeing your photos on social media! 

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