W wybranym przez Państwa języku nie są dostępne wszystkie treści. Czy chcieliby Państwo poznać cały świat Kolei Retyckiej? Zmień na angielski.


W wybranym przez Państwa języku nie są dostępne wszystkie treści. Czy chcieliby Państwo poznać cały świat Kolei Retyckiej? Zmień na angielski.

Bernina Express InfoT(r)ainment

Your personal travel companion

Our InfoT(r)ainment package is a digital travel companion which provides you with thrilling information on the UNESCO World Heritage. Listen to interesting stories using the audio guide or follow the route live on the interactive map. This constantly updates the information on how fast the train is going and at what altitude we are travelling. 

The use of the InfoT(r)ainment in the Bernina Express is free of charge on your own smartphone, tablet or laptop using our Wi-Fi – you will not need any mobile data. The InfoT(r)ainment is available in six languages (DE, EN, IT, FR, JP, CN).

Just register and you're ready to go – listen and enjoy the view:

  • Connect Smartphone, tablet or laptop with Wi-Fi "InfoTrainment"
  • Just open your browser and go to www.infotrainment.ch
  • Accept the end-user license agreement (EULA)
  • You're ready to go – listen and enjoy the view

Tip: Headphones are available at the minibar for just CHF 2.00.

    Important information on using the InfoT(r)ainment

    Information on the route

    • Open up the details on the trip at the top left to find out exciting facts about your journey such as speed, altitude, stops and highlights.
    • You can see at all times when we will be arriving at the next station.


    • Open the map and follow our journey live.
    • The entire line with all its bends and tunnels is shown on the map. Thanks to the GPS function, you can always see where we are.    

    Notifications and audio guide

    • As soon as we travel past a highlight, you will receive a notification. At every highlight you can choose between two thrilling pieces of information. Just press Play, listen and enjoy the view.
    • If you have missed a particular highlight, you can call it up any time on the map and listen to the stories. The highlights are marked on the map with an eye symbol. The highlights coming up are shown in yellow, the ones we have passed in grey.
    • Under the menu item "Notifications" you can also see which highlights we have already passed.

    Here, you can find frequently asked questions about the Bernina Express InfoT(r)ainment

    Wi-Fi ''InfoTrainment'' isn’t visible

    Check your device settings and restart

    • Make sure Wi-Fi is ON on your device. Then turn Wi-Fi OFF and ON again in your device’s Settings menu.
    • Make sure Airplane mode is OFF on your device. Then turn Airplane mode ON and OFF again and try to reconnect.
    • Restart your device. Sometimes, that's all you need to fix a problem.
    • Check whether the device can see the ''InfoTrainment'' in the list of available networks. If your device still can’t see the ''InfoTrainment'' network, please report this to our steward.

    Can’t connect to Wi-Fi ''InfoTrainment''

    Check the source of your problem

    • Please look around. If your neighbour’s device is working, there seems to be a problem with your device.
    • When no devices are working, then Wi-Fi is not working – please report this to our steward.

    I can’t access the Bernina Express portal

    Connect to ''InfoTrainment'' network and accept T&C

    • Public networks, like the one on the train, have an authentication page that you must complete to use this network. If you don't accept the terms and conditions, you are not allowed to access our portal. The welcome screen with the T&C document may pop up automatically depending on your device OS.
    • If there was no pop-up window, open your web browser app and try to open infotrainment.ch address. You will be directed to a welcome page where you have to accept the T&C. Once this is done you will be redirected to the portal home page and then you can enjoy interesting information about your trip.