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Behind the scenes

Creating the perfect sledging world

The sledging world from Preda/Darlux to Bergün guarantees fun and adventure. There is a lot we have to do beforehand to ensure your experience is perfect. Let us show you how the toboggan run is prepared for you.

Marc-Andrea Barandun, Bergün Filisur Tourismus, 23. listopad 2021

Artificial snow ensures long-lasting pleasure

During the three-month winter season, there are around 140,000 trips on the Preda-Bergün and Darlux-Bergün toboggan runs. To cater to this high number of trips, the slopes are prepared with artificial snow in the autumn. We use artificial snow as it better withstands the rigours of the sledges and any periods of warm weather for a longer period of time.

Preparations begin with the cleaning of the Albula Pass road. As soon as it is closed to traffic, the road is cleaned with water from the pressure drum to remove dirt and salt. Around 4,500 cubic metres of snow are then distributed across the runs using manure spreaders and tractors.

Protective structures ensure safety

To protect the tobogganers, a total of four kilometres of wooden boards are erected along the runs. They stop guests straying from the “right path”. Mats are also laid out at specific points. And once the lighting system has been inspected, nothing stands in the way of 11 kilometres of tobogganing fun.

In total, the preparatory work takes around 400 working hours. And that figure can rise quickly if the weather and the temperature are not conducive to producing artificial snow.

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