W wybranym przez Państwa języku nie są dostępne wszystkie treści. Czy chcieliby Państwo poznać cały świat Kolei Retyckiej? Zmień na angielski.

10 questions..

go.graubuenden.ch, the digital travel companion for the Swiss canton of Graubünden

On 1 July 2021, the RhB family gained a new member. Together with Graubünden Ferien and Alturos Destinations, we created the digital travel companion go.graubuenden.ch. The new platform is your companion for your next trip.

Katharina Mauch, Product- und Content Managerin graubünden360, 31. sierpień 2021

We are used to discovering foreign countries and cultures. However, exploring your own country sometimes presents unknown challenges. Where exactly do I want to go? How do I get there? And what can I do there? go.graubuenden.ch has answers to all these questions. But first, take a look at the answers to these 10 questions we asked.

1 Who are you?

I’m the new digital travel companion for Graubünden. With me, you can book experiences, accommodation and rides on public transport. You can also reserve tables, discover sights and even plan tours. So the next time you’re planning a trip to Graubünden, you can simply call on me. Enter go.graubuenden.ch in your browser, take a stroll through a digital Graubünden and book everything from a single source.

2 What kind of experiences do you have in store for me?

You can expect experiences from everywhere in Graubünden: sporting activities such as the Trailrunner day package in Soglio, cultural experiences such as a city tour of Chur, natural spectacles such as the Diavolezza glacier experience and classic railway experiences such as the Arosa Gourmet Express. For your next family holiday, I’ve also got offers such as admission to Heidi’s village or an ibex tour in the Weisstannental valley.

3 You say you’re a travel companion. Will you help me find my bearings?

That’s exactly what I do. On my interactive map, you can click through the various experience categories and filter by region, date and available time. We even have an insider tip filter function. You can zoom in on different regions and you will constantly see experiences, sights and tours. Soon I will also be able to show you your live location and all the experiences around you.

4 What if I already know where I want to go?

If you already know that you would like to go to Davos, for example, I can offer you added value here as well. Let’s say you live in Zurich and want to travel to Davos. With my “Search for a public transport connection” function, I show you the route from your home to your destination. You can book your ticket directly or view sights along the route. Along the way, you will pass through the beautiful Prättigau region, where, for example, the Partnunblick via ferrata for families awaits you with wonderful views of Lake Partnun. How about you make a stop there?

5 What is the exact purpose of this feature?

The purpose of go.graubuenden.ch is to open up the destination boundaries within the canton and broaden the horizons of our guests. Anyone travelling to the Swiss canton of Graubünden should not only travel from A to B and back, but should also consciously engage with their journey and their surroundings. I want to arouse our guests’ curiosity and perhaps even convince them to extend their stay.

6 If I book an offer through you, what support can I expect from you?

Let’s say you book the panoramic hike to Fuorca Surlej. A fantastic hike with a sensational view over the Engadin lake district. With just a few clicks, the hike will be added to your shopping cart and the purchase confirmation will be sent to your inbox as well as your wallet on your go.graubuenden.ch profile. Now I know that your next trip will take you to Engadin. Before you leave, I’ll send you tips on restaurants and accommodation. On your day of arrival, I will send you the latest information on the weather and webcams. After your trip, I would of course like to know what you thought of the hike and show you more experiences that await you next time.

7 There are already many travel companions like you. Why should I use you?

Planning a trip requires a lot of research. You are constantly switching between different booking platforms and you are forced to contact several providers. This is a time-consuming process that often ends up with you not booking anything. With me, you book everything on a single platform. You can use me for research purposes, you can plan your trip on public transport and I’ll also show you experiences along your chosen route all the way to your destination. In just a few steps and in a short time, I can help you plan your day off or your next long weekend and invoice all the necessary components via a shopping cart. I’m also ready for spontaneous or unexpected windows. Simply tell me how much time you have and when, and I’ll tell you what Graubünden has to offer.

8 What offers will be available for the winter season?

My team is currently exchanging information with all the partners. For the winter, ski & sledging passes, snowshoe & hiking tours as well as interfaces to ski rental and ski schools are planned. Special experiences such as snowkiting, igloo building and ice climbing are also planned. No wish should remain unfulfilled for the winter sports heart.

9 Are there any other technical add-ons?

As mentioned at the beginning, my routing function is to be enhanced with a location query in “real time”. The Favourites function will also be upgraded so that you will be able to store both your favourite stories and your favourite experiences. You will also be able to log in to me with your SwissPass login soon.

10 The final question: What is your favourite experience?

You’re not making it easy for me because there is so much to choose from! But one thing I’m particularly excited about at the moment is night hiking on the Piz Scalottas. Hiking off in the middle of the night and arriving at a summit in time for dawn sounds incredibly exciting. Maybe I’ll see you soon at the summit?

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