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General terms and conditions of sale and usage of the Ticket Shop (for online tickets/reservations)

The carriage of persons with online tickets/reservations is subject to the currently-valid list of fares of the Swiss suppliers of transport services, with particular reference to the «General passenger-fare tariff T 600» of the Swiss suppliers of transport services and the common international fare tariff «Convention concerning the use and reservation of places (TCV) T710.1», which can be examined at manned ticket-sale points or online (

•    General passenger-fare tariff T600
•    Convention concerning the use and reservation of places (TCV) T710.1

The following section contains details of the main regulations affecting the above-mentioned fare tariffs, and the relationship between the holder of an online ticket/reservation (hereinafter «the customer») and the Swiss providers of transport services (hereinafter «KTU»), represented by Rhätische Bahn AG, of Bahnhofstrasse 25, 7002 Chur, Switzerland (hereinafter «RhB»). These provisions do not apply to the online offers of any particular association or individual transport company.

Online tickets/reservations: general terms and conditions
Online tickets/reservations are personal and non-transferable. They are valid only in conjunction with the customer’s official, valid means of personal identification (e.g. passport, identity card, driving licence) and/or in conjunction with the corresponding person’s valid, previously-issued half-fare season ticket or GA (Generalabonnement) season-ticket. Tickets can be obtained online for the transport of pet dogs. These shall bear the name and date of birth of the person accompanying the dog. This person must show his or her means of identification. All online tickets/reservations will be saved to a central electronic folder, and made available as copies (e.g. for printing out at home).

The customer shall confirm his or her date(s) of travel when making the corresponding online ticket purchase/reservation. In the case of online tickets with more than one day’s validity, the date of return travel must be defined when making the booking.

Normal-fare, first- and second-class online tickets can be issued for single or return travel. The period of validity for normal-fare online tickets/reservations is established as follows:

Single trip
any distance 
Return trip
up to 115 km
Return trip
from 116 km
Online-Ticket1 day1 day

1 day each for outward
and return travel within 10 days

Online-Reservierung1 day1 day1 day
  • Online tickets can normally be purchased no more than 3 months before the date of travel.
  • As per 1st June JJ, respectively begin of December, the pre sale period can be shorter.
  • Online reservations can be made at least three months in advance.

The purchase of online reservations for all persons travelling together must be made at the same time.

Online tickets/reservations other than those described under «Printout»shall not be valid for travel. Passengers will then be regarded as passengers without a valid ticket under the terms of tariff 600, section 6.

Ticket formats
Online tickets/reservations shall be issued via the Internet for the customer to print out on paper.

Adobe Reader
Adobe Reader must be installed to allow use of the online ticket/reservation system. (Click here to download Adobe Reader).

Please print out the ticket using the “Print” function of Adobe Reader (i.e. NOT the «Print» function of your web browser). Each online ticket/reservation must be printed out full-size (without using the «zoom» or «shrink» features), in portrait format, to a previously-blank sheet of white DIN A4 paper, at a minimum resolution of 600 dpi. The print size must not be changed. When printing out your online ticket/reservation, please make exclusive use of a laser or inkjet printer with a resolution of at least 600 dpi. Online tickets/reservations reproduced using a fax machine, photocopier or similar device will not be accepted as valid, and the passenger concerned shall be regarded as a passenger without a valid ticket. The same shall apply to partially- or wholly-illegible printouts. We recommend that you download and print out a test ticket before making an online ticket purchase/reservation for the first time.

Click here to display the test ticket

Passengers must be able at all times to show inspection staff the printouts of their online tickets/reservations, along with the corresponding official means of identification and/or half-fare or GA (Generalabonnement) season ticket. Please note that the e-mail confirmation issued by RhB is NOT a valid ticket for travel. Passengers who are unable to show inspection staff a valid online ticket/reservation must immediately purchase a corresponding ticket/reservation. This usually involves the payment of a supplement in addition to the normal price of the ticket/reservation concerned.

Exchanges and refunds
Online tickets/reservations cannot be refunded or exchanged. Exceptions:

•    Death
•    Illness confirmed by a doctor’s certificate
•    Officially-confirmed lack of seats in first class. A refund will then be made on the basis of a change of class for second-class travel on the section concerned.

In all these cases, details of the online ticket/reservation concerned must be accompanied by a written application (click here to download the form ) for refund of the corresponding amount, and sent to: Rhätische Bahn, Railservice, Bahnhofstrasse 25, 7002 Chur, Switzerland. 

Transfer of data/advertising
With respect to the handling, protection and transfer of personally-identifiable and customer data, the RhB abides expressly by the provisions of sect. 09 / Data-protection and the general passenger-fare tariff of Swiss suppliers of transport services. The RhB may send advertising messages to customers who do not expressly object to receiving such communications. Purchasers of online tickets/reservations are hereby notified that transport companies or outside suppliers based in Switzerland or in the member states of the European Union and engaged to control electronically-issued tickets and discount railcards, and to create distribution models, may have access to personal details and customer data (exchange of a anonymised data).

Applicable law, legal jurisdiction and place of performance
This definition of valid general terms and conditions shall be subject exclusively to the laws of Switzerland. The place of performance and special domicile for debtors residing outside Switzerland, in accordance with article 50, sect. 2 of the Swiss Federal Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Act (SchKG), and exclusive place of jurisdiction for all and any disputes that might arise from this agreement is Chur (Switzerland).

© Rhätische Bahn AG, July 2014