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The new Bernina Express Bus is here!

No doubt everyone remembers the fire at the PostBus depot in Chur back in January 2018 which resulted in more than 20 post buses being destroyed. One of those was the Bernina Express Bus, which was new at the time.

Marina Schrepfer, Product Manager Bernina Express & Catering, 06. January 2020

A new Bernina Express Bus was ordered after the fire and we are now happy to have taken receipt of the new vehicle. 

The Bernina Express Bus has been transporting around 17,000 passengers from all over the world every year from Tirano, the most southerly point on the Bernina Line, to Lugano or vice versa since 2010. The bus, operated by PostBus Graubünden, ensures passengers of the Bernina Express have a comfortable and convenient trip to join the Bernina Line as well as providing a pleasant way of travelling on into Ticino. The new Bernina Express Bus will be operating between Tirano and Lugano from 20 February to 29 November 2020. 

The new bus came in the attractive RhB red and was then given the final touches to reflect the design of the Bernina Express. The following photos provide you with an exclusive look at the new bus and its design. 

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