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The Arosa Bear Sanctuary – an adventure for people of all ages

Amid the wonderful natural landscape of Arosa, Switzerland’s first bear sanctuary offers an appropriate home for up to five bears that have been rescued from poor living conditions. Today we’re going to tell you more about the sanctuary.

Marion Schmitz, Stv. Tourismusdirektorin Arosa Tourismus, 11. June 2021

Travelling by bear train

The journey to the Arosa Bear Sanctuary is an experience in itself. In the special carriage, visitors can start preparing themselves for the bears. The entire family can get ready for the different play areas, trails and other attractions on the mountain while they travel there by train. Another highlight of the hour-long trip is a Bear Sanctuary safari. This involves finding the five wooden bears along the route and solving a puzzle along the way. Each bear character has a letter. In addition, safari travellers have to remember the number of bridges they’ve crossed and tunnels they’ve gone through. The most entertaining way to get there for young and old alike! 

The bears

The Swiss Bear Sanctuary offers space for up to five bears. Napa, the first inhabitant of the Arosa Bear Sanctuary, was rescued from his predicament as the last Serbian circus bear in summer 2018 and, thanks to Arosa and FOUR PAWS, was able to spend 2 ½ wonderful years in the Arosa Bear Sanctuary. At the beginning of October 2020, he went to sleep forever. In February 2019, two of the last Albanian restaurant bears moved into the Arosa Bear Sanctuary. Meimo and Amelia were freed from inappropriate conditions and are now enjoying the fresh mountain air of Arosa. And then, in December 2020, the Ukrainian circus bear Jambolina arrived in Arosa. 

Visitors’ platform

The visitors’ platform at the midway station is the perfect place to watch the bears and enjoy Arosa’s breathtaking mountain panorama. Various educational elements impart knowledge on the topics of animal welfare and bears, and invite visitors to enjoy an exciting visit. The information is suitable for adults and children alike and is the perfect way to round off a visit to the Arosa Bear Sanctuary. Seeing the bears in the natural setting of the mountains of Graubünden will remain the emotional highlight.

Adventure trail

With eight viewing platforms interconnected by suspension bridges, the “floating” adventure trail leads from the visitors’ platform towards the northern outdoor area at lofty heights. This is where the rocky part of the Arosa Bear Sanctuary is located. Visitors see the bears from a new perspective and gain an exciting insight into the northern outdoor area. It also opens up a whole new range of possibilities for the animal keepers to distribute the animals’ food.

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