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Ready for your spring cleaning?

Spring cleaning is not something anyone really relishes. But still: isn’t it a fantastic feeling when everything is beautifully clean again? Rudolf Pargätzi, team leader at the cleaning centre, reveals his personal tips and tricks.

Tanja Thaler, Communications expert, 01. February 2021

Rudolf Pargätzi has been working for RhB for 33 years. He has been working in carriage cleaning for the last 18 years, most recently as team leader at the cleaning centre. So, as you might guess, he knows all about cleaning our trains: for example, how to clean huge window fronts efficiently and without streaks while protecting the environment and how to remove stains from carpets. He likes his work because it is varied and, together with his staff, he does his best for the customers. 

I have no problem helping my wife with the cleaning at home when I’m off duty.
Rudolf Pargätzi

At home, he’s happy to leave cleaning to his wife. Not because he has a problem with doing the cleaning at home; it’s more of a time problem because he is at work. At the weekend he loves helping his wife. 

And now he is happy to share some insider tips, gathered over many years, with you.

Tips on window cleaning

For example, the large panoramic windows of the Bernina Express are cleaned with a wiper that has a microfibre cover. To do this, use a window wiper with a rubber lip and a corresponding rectangular bucket. To protect the environment, the cleaning centre no longer uses window cleaning agents. Instead, they use pure water that has been created in a reverse osmosis (RO) process. This is how you can ensure streak-free cleaning, and it’s also suitable for use at home. Pure water from RO is demineralised water without any harmful substances, such as pesticides, calcium/magnesium carbonates or other such substances. It consists of the purest water molecules. And this is his ultimate trick for streak-free window cleaning. 

Tips for cleaning carpets and upholstery

The carpets and upholstery on our trains get a lot of wear. For this purpose, the team from the cleaning centre uses a more powerful machine than for ordinary household use.

I can’t recommend one specific cleaning agent because there are so many. But it is important to use the right amount!
Rudolf Pargätzi

Nevertheless, Rudolf Pargätzi tells us his tips for cleaning carpets and upholstery at home: 

  • The best substances for getting rid of stains are vinegar essence, baking powder, citric acid and salt water. 
  • Remove the stains immediately and do not allow them to dry. 
  • Never rub or scrub, only dab from the outside in. 
  • Make sure you always read what the manufacturer recommends in terms of how much to use. 

What do you think of these tips? Will you be trying them out this year when it comes to spring cleaning or have you used them yourself before? Are there tips we’ve forgotten? Leave your special secrets about spring cleaning in the Comments field!

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