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Hiking on the Railway Adventure Trail Albula

A report on a hike from Preda to Filisur and to the Landwasser Viaduct

Tara Meier, Marketing Communications & E-Business trainee, 06. novembre 2019

What could be better than linking hiking and the acquisition of knowledge? As a trainee in Marketing and Communication with responsibility for the RhB souvenir shop, I naturally want to know all about our products and services. In the souvenir shop, we sell a Railway Adventure Trail Albula Guidebook. As a passionate walker, I was immediately interested in a new route and I knew straight away: I wanted to try the route out for myself.

So, I decided to get going with some good company. The fantastic thing about the Railway Adventure Trail Albula is that you can adapt the route to suit your requirements. The hike consists of three stages. Sporty people will do all three on one day, but the more leisurely inclined can spread the stages out to suit themselves. You can also decide whether to go uphill or downhill. If you decide to go uphill, you start out in Filisur; and if you decide to go downhill, you start out in Preda. 

Along the trail you will find various information panels. There are 26 in all. They provide information about life in the Albula valley and about Rhaetian Railway. And the panels are not just interesting for adults because children will be fascinated with the drawings of the two scallywags Türli and Flidari who have plenty of stories to tell. 

The information panels on the Railway Adventure Trail Albula are in both German and English.

The official start of the first stage is in Preda, 1,789 metres above sea level. There is an Infoarena to mark the new construction of the Albula Tunnel. Here people of all ages can find out lots of exciting information about the construction project in a fun way. Right at the start, the trail takes you alongside the railway down the valley. Your walk will take you through valleys, woods and over bridges towards Bergün. What is really special about this section is the helical railway tunnel. You can watch the train at various points – a little patience or extremely good knowledge of the timetable will stand you in good stead here. 

Trainspotting on the Railway Adventure Trail Albula

After just over two hours of walking, you will arrive in Bergün, the end of the first stage. If you are feeling a little tired, you can stop off at the Railway Museum or its Büfèt restaurant. An overnight stay in the idyllic village of Bergün is also to be recommended. 

The second stage takes you on from Bergün to Filisur in around three hours. My personal highlight on this section was the old inn in Bellaluna. The building is master of all it surveys in the middle of the wood and immediately fascinated me. The information panel already warned us of its mysterious history. The innkeeper Paula Roth, who lived there until 1988, was the victim of a brutal holdup murder. After a little research the story became even more spooky: Paula Roth was said to be a witch because she mixed “elixirs” with ingredients such as blood and urine. It is even more astonishing that the building was hit by floods, landslides, fires and avalanches and was reconstructed over and over again. A mystical place. 

The “Bellaluna” in Filisur

In Filisur, you have the option of getting back on the train, having a meal or perhaps starting the third stage. Walking at a good speed, this takes you in around one and a half hours to the two viewpoints beside the Landwasser Viaduct, which is attractive whatever the season.

The entire trail is well signposted and you will find lots of additional information on the route in the Railway Adventure Trail Albula Guidebook, which we found ultra-helpful on our way. 

A wonderful hike with fantastic views and lots of new information!

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