Les contenus ne sont pas tous disponibles dans la langue choisie. Désirez-vous découvrir le monde de la Rhätische Bahn dans son ensemble? anglais


Les contenus ne sont pas tous disponibles dans la langue choisie. Désirez-vous découvrir le monde de la Rhätische Bahn dans son ensemble? anglais

Gotthard Bernina Circular Tour

Experience a world of blue and white all in one day

The one-day circular tour combines the best the Swiss railway network has to offer: The day trip starts in Zurich and goes through the Gotthard base tunnel to Lugano. You then take the comfortable Bernina Express Bus to Tirano, where you join the Bernina Express to travel through sunny Valposchiavo up to glaciers and through the Albula Valley to Chur. Round it all off by enjoying the relaxing last stretch of the journey past Lake Walensee and Lake Zurich to Zurich. This impressive day trip can be booked from 87 Swiss francs. It is available until 24 November 2019 on the following dates.

Zurich – Lugano
At the start you travel along the shores of fantastic Lake Lucerne. The next highlight soon follows: the 57-kilometre long Gotthard base tunnel from Erstfeld to Bodio brings the magical south a full 30 minutes closer.

Lugano – Tirano
Out of the tunnel and back into the light: palm trees and a Mediterranean climate welcome you to the charming Lugano. Your circular tour continues in the comfortable Bernina Express Bus. Tirano offers the genuine feel of Italian lifestyle: in the squares and alleys of the Italian border town, pizza, ice cream and coffee are the temptations at lunchtime.

Tirano – Chur
Your trip then continues in the Bernina Express towards Chur. The railway is harmoniously embedded in the mountain world of Bernina and Albula. 55 tunnels, 196 bridges and gradients of up to 7 per cent – all mastered with ease. Perched majestically at 2,253 metres above sea level is the 'roof' of the RhB, the Ospizio Bernina. The Tirano - Valposchiavo - Thusis section is part of the UNESCO World Heritage route and is a true landmark of the Rhaetian Railway.

Chur – Zurich
Sit back and relax while travelling 1st class from Chur back to Zurich in SBB’s panoramic car along the shores of Lake Walensee and Lake Zurich. Travellers with 2nd class tickets will be upgraded to 1st class on this section of the journey.

Tip: The Gotthard Bernina Circular Tour can also be booked as a multi-day trip, incl. two overnight stays.
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Gotthard base tunnel

At 57 kilometres the new Gotthard tunnel is the longest rail tunnel in the world and forms the core of the New Railway Link through the Alps (NRLA). It embodies Swiss values such as innovation, precision and reliability, and gets people and goods from north to south and vice versa more quickly and reliably. Faster, more frequent and more convenient connections as well as new and modernized rolling stock considerably increase the quality of the north/south axis. For more information take a look at


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Bernina Express Bus

Après un savoureux repas à Tirano, les voyageurs reprennent la route à bord du bus Bernina Express. Ils traversent la pittoresque vallée de la Valteline, longent le célèbre lac de Côme où de nombreuses stars ont une résidence secondaire et où sont tournés des films hollywoodiens, et arrivent à Lugano. Avec son ambiance méditerranéenne, la ville historique et culturelle invite au dolce farniente. 




Bernina Express

The most spectacular alpine crossing: linking language regions and cultures, the Bernina Express’s Tirano - Valposchiavo - St. Moritz / Chur / Davos / Landquart route follows a serpentine course without the aid of rack-and-pinion technology. Panoramic journeys through the UNESCO World Heritage landscape are a genuine treat. The Albula and Bernina sections are masterpieces of civil and railway engineering.


Viaduc hélicoïdal de Brusio

Le viaduc forme un élégant virage de 360 degrés, prolongeant ainsi la voie en vue de permettre l’ascension de l’étroit val Poschiavo. Le viaduc hélicoïdal de Brusio est considéré comme la construction la plus spectaculaire de la ligne de la Bernina.


Viaduc de Landwasser

Le viaduc situé près de Filisur mène directement dans un tunnel par la vallée de Landwasser. véritable performance d’architecture dans les années 1901/02, la construction des trois piliers principaux s’est faite en outre sans échafaudage, avec deux grues. L’emblème le plus spectaculaire des Chemins de fer rhétiques est connu dans le monde entier.


Ligne Albula/Bernina classée au patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO

La ligne qui traverse l’Albula et la Bernina est un véritable prodige sur le plan technique comme de son tracé. Ici, paysages et chemin de fer ne font qu’un: la voie dessinant de grands virages et des ouvrages d’art hautement élaborés traversent des vallées abruptes. Le viaduc de Landwasser, le tunnel hélicoïdal entre Bergün et Preda comme le viaduc hélicoïdal de Brusio témoignent, aujourd’hui encore, de l’époque des pionniers des chemins de fer.


SBB panoramic car

The trip along the shores of Lake Walensee and Lake Zurich is the perfect way to enjoy the end of your journey in a relaxed manner and against a fantastic backdrop. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the glistening water while reflecting on the impressions of the day thanks to the large windows in SBB’s 1st class panoramic car. Passengers with 2nd class tickets will be upgraded to 1st class panoramic car on this section of the journey. The panoramic car will be available aswell on the Zurich Central Station–Chur route (Bernina Gotthard Circular Tour).



The Gotthard Bernina Circular Tour is available from 21 February 2019 to 24 November 2019.
Please note the following service times:

21.02.2019 - 21.04.2019bookable every Thursday to Sunday 
22.04.2019 - 27.10.2019bookable daily
31.10.2019 - 24.11.2019bookable every Thursday to Sunday 


The circular tour takes the following route:

  • Zurich main station – Lugano – Tirano – Chur – Zurich main station

The journey can also be taken in the opposite direction.

Timetable 21.02.2019 - 24.11.2019

Zurich main station – Lugano – Tirano – Chur – Zurich main station

StationArrival / DepartureTimeTrain No / Bus No
Zurich main stationab / dep. 
part. / dép.
07.32IC 861
Lugano     an
Lugano Stazioneab / dep. 
part. / dép.
10.00BEX Bus 5950
Tirano Stazione     an
Tirano ab / dep. 
part. / dép.
14.25BEX 950
Chur     an
Churab / dep. 
part. / dép.
18.39IC 936
Zurich main station     an

Zurich main station – Chur – Tirano – Lugano – Zurich main station

StationArrival/ DepartureTimeTrain No / Bus No
Zurich main stationab / dep. 
part. / dép.
07.07IC 911
Chur     an
Churab / dep. 
part. / dép.
08.32BEX 951
Tirano     an
Tirano Stazioneab / dep. 
part. / dép.
14.20BEX Bus 5951
Lugano Stazione     an
Luganoab / dep. 
part. / dép.
IC 886
Zurich main station     an

Fares and sales

Flat-rate package per person:

2nd class1st class
Half-fare cardCHF 87.00CHF 112.00
AdultsCHF 139.00CHF 187.00
GA1CHF 37.00CHF 37.00

1 Passengers with flat-rate tickets such as Swiss Travel Pass / Eurail-Pass / Interrail etc. should select the «GA» reduced price in step 2 of the booking.

The price includes the ticket for the entire stretch of the circular tour as well as the seat reservations and supplements for the Bernina Express Bus, Bernina Express train and the SBB section Chur – Zurich / Chur - Zurich panoramic car 1st class.

NEW from 2019: It is now possible to travel 1st class aboard SBB’s panoramic car in both directions between Zurich Central Station and Chur. Travellers with 2nd class tickets will be upgraded to the 1st class panoramic car on this section of the journey.

The offer is available until 24 November 2019. Reserve your seat in good time via online booking or at any manned station. For more information or should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Railservice on +41 81 288 65 65.

Bernina Express

The railway is unique, blending ideally with the alpine landscapes around the Albula and Bernina Passes. The train negotiates the 55 tunnels, 196 bridges and inclines of up to 70 per mille with ease. At the highest point on the RhB, 2,253 metres above sea level, you will find the Ospizio Bernina. The railway line from Thusis - Valposchiavo - Tirano has UNESCO World Heritage status. Thanks to the modern panoramic cars, you will enjoy unrestricted views of the unspoilt Alpine panorama. More information on the Bernina Express can be found here.

Panoramic view through the very large windows; generously equipped, air-conditioned carriages. Our comfortable observation-cars have 1st- and 2nd-class sections.

The first class observation-cars have spacious and comfortable single or double seats. As there are fewer passengers in these carriages, your trip will be quieter and more relaxed. In addition, passengers have the possibility to borrow inspiring and educational books from the new on-board library.

The second-class observation cars have comfortable double seats with plenty of leg room. 

Free of charge in first and second class: Bernina Express InfoT(r)ainment

Your personal travel companion with audio guide. Call up the InfoT(r)ainment system free of charge on your smartphone or tablet. The digital travel companion provides you with interesting stories and information, shows you the route live on the map and provides information at all times on how fast the train is going on the UNESCO World Heritage route. Find out more here.

Headphones are available at the minibar for just CHF 2.00.


Just what you're looking for: on the Bernina Express, the roving minibar has delicacies to suit all tastes. Fine regional snacks and refreshing drinks are served directly at your seat. You will find the current Bernina Express menu here (German). 

Fresh from the region and served directly at your seat: providing you order in advance, our on-board personnel will be happy to serve cold platters of regional delicacies. Would you like to treat yourself to these culinary delights or perhaps surprise your friends and family on their trip on the Bernina Express with one of our platters? Book here (at least 72 hours before departure)

This train does not have a restaurant car. Lunch is available in Poschiavo or in Tirano (Italy).

The SBB trains have a minibar or a dining car (Zurich main station – Lugano and Chur – Zurich main station).

Border crossing

If you are travelling to Tirano and/or Lugano you will need a passport or identity card to cross the border.

Trip planner

Achtung: Freie Zugwahl auf der Strecke Zürich HB - Lugano. Bitte als Abfahrtsort Lugano auswählen. Die Strecke Zürich HB - Lugano ist im Ticketpreis inbegriffen

Spezialticket Gotthard Bernina Rundreise Zürich HB - Gotthard - Lugano - Tirano - Chur - Zürich HB (Berechtigt auf dem Abschnitt Chur - Zürich HB zur Fahrt in 1. Kl.)
Zuschlag und Sitzplatzreservierung Bernina Express Bus Lugano - Tirano - Bernina Express Tirano - Chur
Sitzplatzreservierung IC Chur - Zürich HB im Panoramawagen in 1. Kl.

from CHF 87.00



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