Les contenus ne sont pas tous disponibles dans la langue choisie. Désirez-vous découvrir le monde de la Rhätische Bahn dans son ensemble? anglais


Les contenus ne sont pas tous disponibles dans la langue choisie. Désirez-vous découvrir le monde de la Rhätische Bahn dans son ensemble? anglais

Total closure of the Lower Engadin line

11 March to 6 October 2019

Due to the need to completely renovate both the Giarsun Tunnel and the Magnacun Tunnel on Rhaetian Railway’s Lower Engadin line, the track must be closed. From 11 March to 6 October 2019, therefore, the section between Susch and Scuol-Tarasp will be closed to rail traffic. Rhaetian Railway is using the total closure of the line to effectively implement other projects and reduce building costs. During the six-month closure of the line, a rail replacement bus service will be in operation in the Lower Engadin.

1 Sagliains interchange
In order to implement the future service concept and optimise punctuality, timetable stability and security, modifications must be made to the car transporter and Sagliains interchange station. The interchange station will be renovated to accommodate disabled passengers and decentralise passenger and car transporter traffic.

Project costs: CHF 29.8 million
Commissioning: September 2019

2 Lavin railway station
Lavin railway station will be expanded and modernised to accommodate disabled passengers. An outdoor platform and a new pedestrian underpass with a covered ramp and stairs will be created. The safety system will also be updated to enable multiple trains to enter Lavin station simultaneously.
Project costs: CHF 10 million

Commissioning: December 2019
Work will be carried out on Bahnhofplatz until May 2020

3 Renovation of the Val Tuoi Viaduct
The Val Tuoi Viaduct is one of RhB’s biggest bridge constructions and is now 106 years old. While the line is completely closed, maintenance work will be carried out to preserve the viaduct. Since no trains will be running while the line is completely closed, there will be no need for a provisional bridge, thus reducing costs. The brickwork will be completely preserved in line with the requirements for the preservation of historical monuments.

Project costs: CHF 3 million
Commissioning: September 2019

4 Renovation of the superstructure of Guarda railway station

The superstructure, i.e. the track bed and tracks of Guarda railway station, will be renewed while the line is completely closed. The old railways tracks will be dismantled, the cabling updated and new tracks, sleepers, ballast and points installed.

Project costs: CHF 1.2 million
Commissioning: September 2019

5 Maintenance work on the Giarsun and Magnacun tunnels
The Giarsun and Magnacun tunnels between Guarda and Ardez are situated in a geologically challenging zone. Since the commissioning of the track in 1913, the tunnels have had to be renovated several times. Due to the movement of the hillside by 10 millimetres every year at tunnel level, extensive renovation work is necessary. In order to carry out the necessary construction work on the two tunnels, the Sagliains–Scuol-Tarasp section of the track has to be completely closed for six months.

Project costs: CHF 44 million
Commissioning: Tunnel 2020 and open section 2021

6 Track replacement in the Tasna Tunnel
The profile of the tracks in the Tasna Tunnel has worn down and is showing signs of drip points and depressions. While the track is completely closed, the worn tracks and fastenings will be replaced throughout the entire tunnel.

Project costs: CHF 300,000
Commissioning: September 2019

Renewal of Bever converter
The Bever converter provides the entire standard network of RhB with traction power. The static converter has been in operation since 2004 and is becoming increasingly prone to outages. In order to ensure a secure power supply, the system will be upgraded with the latest technology. Since the system will be overhauled while the line is completely closed, work can be carried out on site, reducing costs.

Project costs: CHF 1.5 million
Commissioning: June 2019

Further maintenance work on retaining walls and felling

While the line is closed, various maintenance and felling projects will be carried out in the Lower Engadin region.

Rail replacement service
Further information: Rail replacement service