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With RhB through bicycle country

It is not only the view from the railway carriage that reveals the natural beauty of Graubünden: the more than 4,000 kilometre long network of marked cycle tracks and bike paths beside the RhB railway lines allows the canton to be discovered perfectly on

Erika Suter, Editor, 01. juillet 2020

As soon as temperatures exceed the ten-degree mark and the first rays of spring sunshine make for warm days, nature is not the only thing that comes out of hibernation: all bike fans get back in the saddle and start pedalling enthusiastically. In RhB country, there are more than 4,000 kilometres of marked cycle tracks and bike paths, and wherever the cycle tour starts or ends: Rhaetian Railway is naturally a practical way of getting from A to B. Many trains even have loading facilities for bicycles. 

We would like to present two beautiful routes here – one for sporty connoisseurs, one for determined cyclists who like a challenge.

For active recreational sportsmen: Chur – Thusis

Route: Graubünden route 6.1 | Length: 27 km | Difficulty: average | Physical condition: normal

An exciting starting point: the contrast between the new town of Chur – with high-rise buildings and old industrial plants – and the old town with its more than 5,000 years of settlement history could not be greater. The alpine town is the perfect starting point for a bicycle tour. The first stage of the Graubünden route leaves the charming capital of the canton in the direction of the "Polenweg" (or 'Polish Path'). The name refers to forest trails, field tracks and roads, which were laid and constructed by interned soldiers of the second Polish Cavalry Division during World War II. This includes – amongst others – the track from Domat/Ems to Rothenbrunnen. It's not much of a climb, allowing you to enjoy the at times breath-taking view of the meandering Hinterrhein whilst on your bicycle tour. And soon you will see the blossoming orchard of Graubünden, as the Domleschg region is also known. Around 120 different types of apple and pear are cultivated here. Guarded by castles and Piz Beverin, the end is almost in sight: Thusis, the cultural focal point of the region.

For experienced bikers: St. Moritz – Scuol

Route: Inn cycle route 65 | Length: 68 km | Difficulty: average | Physical condition: sporty

Anyone wishing to undertake a more strenuous tour can choose the route from St. Moritz to Scuol. This takes in part of the Inn cycle route beside the rushing Inn River from Maloja to Martina. Setting off from noble St. Moritz, the route passes the gleaming lake and the Stazerwald to continue down to Samedan. Admire the magnificent patrician houses in La Punt Chamues-ch before the natural beauty of the canton comes into view once again: uphill for a moment and then down again, the tour passes the edge of the Swiss National Park. From Zernez, the valley gets narrower – and the Inn wilder. Hard pedalling is now required as you tackle the 287-metre-high climb from Lavin to Guarda. But the reward for this effort is the sight of the Engadin picture book village and the ever-changing terraced landscape. The downhill stage to Ardez gives your legs time to regain their strength in preparation for the final ascent to Ftan – where the end of the tour is just a stone's throw away: the five kilometres down to Scuol is now just a breeze. What could be more rewarding after this sporting achievement than to immerse yourself in the warm waters of the thermal bath in Scuol?

There are many more cycle routes for Graubünden on the SwitzerlandMobility website.

graubündenPASS Bike

And if your legs get tired from all the cycling, RhB will be happy to help: the graubündenPASS Bike lets mountain bikers and tourers travel freely throughout the Swiss canton of Graubünden by RhB. Available for one region (1 zone) or the entire canton (all zones) from CHF 30.00

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