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«Instagrammable»: five photo spots along the RhB network

Are you already familiar with our Instagram account @rhaetischebahn? Have you ever wondered where exactly these photos were taken?

Tanja Thaler, Communications expert, 06. novembre 2019

There are many photo opportunities along the RhB network for capturing scenic shots of our trains. In this article, I would like to show you where to find the top five spots for taking photos of our trains to post on Instagram with the hashtag #rhaetiansensation.

1 Rhine Gorge (Spitg viewing platform, Bonaduz)

The romantic viewing platform offers a 270-degree view of the Versam ravine, where you can also see our trains. The platform is freely accessible from May to October. Just be sure to watch your step and have a good head for heights.  

You can reach the viewing platform from the village of Versam or from Trin railway station by foot in around 1.5 hours.  

View into the Rhine Gorge from the Spitg viewing platform

2 At the foot of the Landwasser Viaduct (Filisur)

The Landwasser Viaduct can be reached by walking from Filisur railway station towards Alvaneu. Just cross the Landwasser and you will soon find yourself underneath the striking 65-metre-high viaduct, where you can take impressive shots of RhB trains. A very special atmosphere prevails here at night, when the stars shine bright without the disturbance of light pollution. Rather than photograph trains, this is the best time to capture the viaduct against the starry sky or even with the Milky Way. 

The Landwasser Viaduct against a magical starry sky

3 Brusio Circular Viaduct

The Circular Viaduct in Brusio is regarded as the most spectacular man-made structure on the Bernina Line. The viaduct spirals elegantly around a 360-degree curve in order to master the difference in altitude in the narrow confines of Valposchiavo. To photograph our trains, you can either make your way to the middle of the viaduct or stand on the trail at the end of the viaduct to capture the train leaving the viaduct. In any case, you’re guaranteed a good shot!

One of our trains coming out of the Circular Viaduct.

4 Lago Bianco

The Lago Bianco water reservoir on the Bernina Pass is a very special attraction and can even be photographed from the train. With a bit of luck, it will freeze over in winter so you can walk on the clear ice or even go ice skating. This provides plenty of opportunity for some fantastic shots with our trains.  

Glass ball on the black ice of Lago Bianco with RhB in the background

5 Obertor in Chur

The Graubünden capital has plenty to offer all year round! Much to the delight of photographers, the trains to Arosa run right through the city, allowing the Chur landmark of Obertor to provide the backdrop for many a train shot. Wonderful “light tricks” can be created at night, too, by photographing cars with a long exposure. Extra tip: a perfect view of the Obertor can be seen from the little balcony of the Zollhaus Restaurant!  

Chur’s Obertor (Upper Gate) by night

These five recommendations will leave you well-equipped to capture scenic shots of our trains. Don’t forget to post your photos on Instagram with the hashtag #rhaetiansensation and you might soon find your snapshot on our social wall at If you happen to know of any other good photo spots along our network, tell us in the comments. 

More photo spots can also be found here.

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