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Far away but still live

The RhB live stream impresses railway fans all over the world

Andreas Roth, Spezialist Kundendialog, 09. décembre 2021

What is going on at Chur station? And is there any snow in St. Moritz? And what’s the weather like in Davos? Nowhere else can you get a better overview of the Swiss canton of Graubünden than with the RhB live stream.  

Since April 2019, cameras at 20 locations have been transmitting images for the RhB live stream. Depending on the location, images are displayed anywhere between 60 and 150 seconds. This results in a concentric run of one hour until the identical stations can be seen again. This insight into what is happening on the railways is very popular: railway enthusiasts and Graubünden fans all over the world can take advantage of the free offer to find out at first-hand what is going on in the canton. 

Since February 2022, the live stream is even more attractive: whereas the displays were previously controlled using the static timetable, this is now determined by the actual train journey data. This ensures that current rail traffic is broadcast even more accurately throughout the world.

Our live stream is watched by RhB fans all over the world. We asked two of them about the live stream:

David Kavanagh, Ireland

“Since the live stream began in 2019, I have stopped by several times a day. The images keep me connected to a part of Switzerland that I have been visiting for more than 20 years.
Thanks to the live stream, I am involved in the operation of the railway in real time. I particularly enjoy watching the various RhB freight transports. The glorious landscape of Graubünden is also always a delight. The special feature of the live stream is that it shows the current weather and lighting situation, which further enhances the effect of the video images. The many places that can be seen on the live stream immediately remind me of my holidays on the RhB lines.
We have so many wonderful memories of our journeys with RhB. The most outstanding experience for me is the footplate ride with locomotive 648 from Chur to St. Moritz. I highly recommend the experience of riding on a service train in the driver’s cab of a locomotive.”

David Kavanagh

Klaus Klaiber, Germany

“I watch the RhB live stream several times a day if possible. As a retiree, I have the time to do so.
I find it fascinating to be able to keep track of the current timetable for rail operations. I have also printed out the timetables for individual stations in order to track the destinations of individual trains appearing in the live stream and to be able to compare their punctuality in terms of departure times.
My favourite place is Bergün. I was first in Bergün in 1956. That is where I met my Swiss friend and I spent many decades exploring the canton of Graubünden in all its facets with the Rhaetian Railway. I have fond memories of the outstanding service provided by Rhaetian Railway employees at all times.”

Klaus Klaiber

Why can’t you select the cameras yourself?

Understandably, many visitors to the live stream would like to be able to select the cameras themselves. This would mean that you could click on each station individually and decide for yourself how long you stay at that particular station. However, this is not permitted for reasons of data and privacy protection. In some cases, the camera images show our passengers or employees passing through a station or at work. It is not permitted to film these people for a long time without their knowledge. For this reason, the images are changed at regular intervals. 

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