Sledging Preda/Darlux - Bergün

Ten kilometres of pure pleasure

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Along the famous track to pure excitement on wooden runners: that's what the Preda/Darlux – Bergün sledging adventure holds in store. The train will carry you up to Preda, where the sledging fun can begin on the trail down to Bergün. More adventurous sledgers can take the chairlift to Darlux, from where the hardcore trail descends to Bergün.

The journey there with the Rhaetian Railway is breathtaking in its own right – not least thanks to the legendary layout of the route through helical tunnels and over viaducts in the Albula Valley. From Preda, at 1,800 metres above sea level, the descent can begin – on the closed-off section of pass road, which has just as many curves and bends as the railway itself – but at terrific speed and with far more flurries of snow.

If you fancy something steeper for a change: the «Lauberhorn of sledging runs» from Darlux to Bergün promises just as much sledging fun for those who are brave enough. Darlux can be reached easily by chairlift.

Note: There are special trains running between St. Moritz and Chur (both directions) on Fridays and Saturdays from 8 to 23 February 2019. This is for all guests, which would like to benefit from the night sledging offer. More information

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The sledging world of Preda/Darlux - Bergün is a world of fun for people of all ages.

Two sledging runs – 10 km of sledging fun

Guests have not one but two sledging runs to choose from. From Preda to Bergün there’s a six-kilometre descent to the closed-off pass road below. A chairlift conveys more adventurous sledgers to Darlux, from where the hardcore trail descends four kilometres to Bergün.


Albula/Bernina UNESCO World Heritage route

The Albula and Bernina section of track is a masterpiece in terms of civil engineering and routing. Landscape and railway blend into one: in wide radiuses, ingenious man-made structures punctuate rugged valleys. The Landwasser Viaduct, the helical tunnels between Bergün and Preda and the Brusio Circular Viaduct all stand testimony to the early, pioneering days of the railway.


Preda - Bergün illuminated sledging run

The sledging run from Preda to Bergün is not just an adventure by day, but even more so at night when the trail is lit up.


Bergün village

Houses in the traditional Engadine style dating back to the 16th and 18th century line the main street of Bergün. Typical features such as sgraffito, bay windows and window gratings lend the village a special charm. The Kurhaus is over 100 years' old – the spa hotel was built around 1903, at the same time as the railway line. 


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Opening times

From 14 December 2018 to 17 March 2018 (depending on snow conditions)
Further information regarding the snow conditions can be found in the winter sport report

Sledging Preda - Bergün
Monday09.30 am - 05.00 pm
Thuesday - Sunday09.30 am - 11.00 pm

Subject to change
There will be no night sledging on 24 and 31 December 2018. 
The sledge run is also open on 1 January (9:30 am – 11 pm). 

Sledging Darlux – Bergün
every day               09.00 am - 04.30 pm

Subject to change

End of season: 17 March 2019 (depending on snow conditions)


In the offer included is the usage of both sledding tracks Preda – Bergün und Darlux – Bergün and transport with the Rheatian Railway (Bergün – Preda) and the Sportbahnen Bergün (Bergün – Darlux).

Single tickets

Adults½ fare travelcardChild aged 6-15
Bergün14.00 / 6.00*9.507.00 / 3.00*
South – North
St. Moritz35.2020.6017.60
North – South
Davos Platz45.6025.8022.80

* Sledging run charge only (GA travelcard, 1-day pass, children with Junior travelcard)

Day ticket

Day ticket (Preda & Darlux) Normal1/2 taxGA/Junior Card
Children 6–15 year old19.509.50
Sledging day ticket incl. journey fromNormal1/2 taxChildren
St. Moritz47.1030.9027.00
Davos Platz56.5035.5031.60

PLEASE NOTE: The Track 7 1-year travelcard is not valid for local transport between Bergün and Bever from 1 December to 10 March.

  • Reductions for groups of 10 or more
  • Families: free for children with Rhaetian Railway Junior travelcard, except sledging run charge
  • All prices are in Swiss francs (CHF) per person

Timetable special Trains

For guests which would like to benefit from the night sledging offer on Fridays and Saturdays, there are special trains on the following dates from St. Moritz to Chur (and vice versa):

  • Friday, 8 February 2019
  • Saturday, 9 February 2019
  • Friday, 15 February 2019
  • Saturday, 16 February 2019
  • Friday, 22 February 2019
  • Saturday, 23 February 2019

Timetable special trains

Station depStation dep
St. Moritz21.02Connection SBB
Samedan21.18Chur West21.58*
Preda21.32Ems Werk22.06*
Thusis arr22.31Rothenbrunnen22.21
Change in ThusisRodels-Realta22.25*
Thusis dep22.36Cazis22.28
Cazis22.39Thusis arr22.31
Rodels-Realta22.41*Change in Thusis
Rothenbrunnen22.45*Thusis dep22.34
Ems Werk22.59*Preda23.32
Chur West23.07*Celerina23.50
Chur23.10St. Moritz arr23.54
Connection SBB

* Stop on request

All information regarding the arrival and departure times can also be found in the online timetable

Sledge hire

Mark Sport

Tel. Bergün +41 81 407 11 65
Tel. Preda +41 81 407 11 44



  • at Preda railway station
  • in Bergün village centre


Club 99

Tel. +41 81 407 16 43



  • by Hotel Kulm in Preda
  • by Bergün railway station


Automated information service

Tel. +41 81 407 14 14

Accident-free sledging

  • Always sledge sitting down
  • Wear warm clothing and sturdy footwear
  • A helmet is recommended
  • Young children must be accompanied by an adult
  • No sledges with mechanical brakes or plastic bobs allowed
  • No sledging on your stomach and no tying sledges together
  • No dogs allowed
  • No walking up the trail
  • Adjust your speed
  • What to do if there's an accident? Secure the accident site – provide first aid – get help.
  • Pay attention to the emergency signs. Do not get in the way of emergency vehicles

Emergency Telephone: 144

Gift voucher

A fascinatingly different gift.
Looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones? Why not give them an unforgettable experience with the Rhaetian Railway!

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Tickets are available at the staffed stations at the ticket machine or from Rail Service on telephone number +41 81 288 65 65 via the contact form.


Timetable information can be found here