Steam-powered snow blower

The Bernina Monster

One of the world's small wonders: it takes a crew of up to ten RhB staff to pilot the Xrot 9213 steam-powered snow blower through the metre-high walls of snow along the Bernina Line. RhB passengers can get close to the action when snow-clearing operations are under way on the highest railway line through the Alps.  

The RhB possesses the world's only steam-powered snow blower still in operation. A trip on this unique piece of railway history dating from 1910 promises to be an unforgettable experience for railway enthusiasts, who can experience the battle against the masses of snow close up. A member of staff will explain the technical processes - from lubrication to firing up. 

The steam snow blower trips will not take place in winter 2023 due to extensive revision work.

Dampfschneeschleuder auf der Berninalinie

Dampfschneeschleuder auf der Berninalinie