Historical trips

Daily between Davos Platz and Filisur

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From May to October 2019 you have the unique daily opportunity to travel from Davos to Filisur and back on a historical train compilation from the 1920s. 

Nostalgia and adventure are combined in a fascinating way in this new RhB travel experience. Enjoy rail travel of a different kind from Davos to Filisur from 11 May to 27 October 2019 In not quite 40 minutes your trip will take you through the ruggedly romantic Zügen Gorge, over the famous Wiesen Viaduct to Filisur. This is also home to the Landwasser Viaduct. This viaduct marks the heart of the famous RhB Albula Line and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

The nostalgic railway coaches and open scenic carriages will be pulled by the legendary cult 'Crocodile' locomotive which has been in operation since 1929. The breathtaking trip in historical carriages, some of which are more than 100 years old, is available for the normal ticket price. Furthermore, you will be given an unfamiliar glimpse into the railway world of the early 20th century. 

The historical train will be running between Davos Platz and Filisur twice a day in each direction according to the timetable. In some cases, locomotive Ge 4/4 I (BoBo 1) may be used.

Find out more about the history of the Davos–Filisur Line.

3D - Aufnahmen Historische Wagenkomposition

Hier finden Sie den Link zur 3D - Aufnahme der Krokodillok.
Hier finden Sie den Link zur 3D - Aufnahme des 1. Klasse Wagen. 
Hier finden Sie den Link zur 3D - Aufnahme des 3. Klasse Wagen.

Buy VISA, Mastercard, Diners, JCB, Postfinance

Buy VISA, Mastercard, Diners, JCB, Postfinance


Davos is the point of departure for the Glacier Express and Bernina Express. The highest city in Europe, famous for the diversity of sporting, leisure and cultural activities on offer, its healthy climate, ice hockey club and Spengler Cup, the Kirchner Museum and the World Economic Forum (WEF) or the fun freestyle scene on the Jakobshorn. Catch the Glacier Express Bus from Davos or Lenzerheide to connect with the slowest express train in the world!


Die Zügenschlucht entdecken

Von Monstein Station, Schmelzboden, durch die wilde und romantische Schlucht auf der alten Zügenstrasse (bis 1974 Automobil-Fahrstrasse) nach Wiesen Station. Weitere Infos hier


ALLEGRA-Zweispannungstriebzug zwischen Davos Platz und Filisur.

Wiesen Viaduct hike

The Wiesen Viaduct south of the Davos Wiesen station is the longest and highest bridge on the RhB network. Anyone wishing to view this imposing man-made structure close up can do just that: you can cross the viaduct, which is also the starting point of the nature trail to Filisur, on foot.


Landwasser Viaduct

The viaduct at Filisur spans the Landwasser Valley and leads directly into a tunnel. The construction of the three main pillars in 1901/02 was an outstanding architectural feat, considering that the viaduct was built using only two cranes and without scaffolding. This is the most spectacular landmark on the Rhaetian Railway and it has become famous the world over.


Albula/Bernina UNESCO World Heritage route

The Albula and Bernina section of track is a masterpiece in terms of civil engineering and routing. Landscape and railway blend into one: in wide radiuses, ingenious man-made structures punctuate rugged valleys. The Landwasser Viaduct, the helical tunnels between Bergün and Preda and the Brusio Circular Viaduct all stand testimony to the early, pioneering days of the railway.


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Customers must be in possession of a valid 1st or 2nd class ticket. The guest card Davos / Klosters is valid for the 2nd class.

Timetable 11.05.2019 - 27.10.2019

Usually with Crocodile locomotive and historical wooden and open scenic carriages, however subject to change.


Davos Platzdep.10.1816.18
Davos Frauenkirchdep.10.2416.24
Davos Glarisdep.10.3016.30
Davos Monsteindep.10.3716.37
Davos Wiesendep.10.4616.46
Davos Wiesendep.11.1317.13
Davos Monsteindep.11.2317.23
Davos Glarisdep.11.3917.39
Davos Frauenkirchdep.11.4417.44
Davos Platzarr.11.5017.50

Historic RhB

Der Verein bezweckt auf gemeinnütziger Basis die Erhaltung und den Betrieb von historischen Fahrzeugen der Rhätischen Bahn auf deren Netz. Weitere Informationen unter www.historic-rhb.ch

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Customers must be in possession of a valid 1st or 2nd class ticket. Buy your ticket online in our Ticket Shop.

Tickets and further information can be obtained at all staffed stations of the Rhaetian Railway, by calling Railservice on +41 81 288 65 65, or by using the contact form.


Timetable information can be found here