RhB credit card

Benefits all along the line.

An RhB credit card or prepaid card lets you benefit from all the advantages of cashless payment while earning an annual spending bonus and receiving discounts on a number of RhB offers. At the same time, you support the «historic RhB» umbrella association.

Here's how you support the «historic RhB» umbrella association:

  • The RhB donates CHF 30.00 of the first annual fee for the credit card to «historic RhB»
  • 0.2 % of the turnover generated with the RhB credit card goes to «historic RhB»

Here's how you benefit from the RhB credit card:

  • You get the RhB credit card for half price in the first year.
  • If you spend at least CHF 1,000 per year on your card, 1% of that annual spend will be credited to you once a year in the form of an RhB rail voucher. For example: If your annual spending comes to CHF 10,000, you will receive RhB rail vouchers worth CHF 100.
  • In the first year, the RhB will also give you a rail voucher worth CHF 10.00, which will be sent to you along with the annual spend rail voucher.
  • In addition, you enjoy reductions on a variety of RhB offers.

RhB credit card and RhB prepaid card


The RhB reduced-price offers can be booked via Railservice on +41 81 288 65 65 by providing your credit card details.

The 20% reduction on 1st class travel can also be claimed at all staffed RhB stations on presentation of the credit card.

historic RhB

The umbrella association «historic RhB» is a charitable organisation for the preservation, restoration and maintenance, presentation and operation of historic rolling stock of the Rhaetian Railway on the RhB network. A great deal of personal hard work and dedication goes into restoring historical vehicles, organising trips and staging exhibitions at the Albula Railway Museum.


Spending Service

New: Your personal Spending Service

Support the historic RhB and the restoration of the «rhaetian crocodile», the historic crocodile-locomotive set in front of the railway museum Albula. Choose your donation amount (CHF 20.00, 50.00, 100.00 or 200.00), wich will be annually charged to your credit card.

RhB and Cornèrcard

Cornèrcard is a subsidiary of Cornèr Bank AG, a private and independent Swiss bank. The partnership between the Rhaetian Railway and Cornèrcard reaps benefits for customers and gives them the opportunity to combine all the advantages of a modern means of payment with a charitable commitment.


Gift voucher

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