Ticket Finder

Finding the right season ticket.

We have the right ticket for every need: the Ticket Finder guides you through the wide variety of tickets available and helps you to find the right standard or season ticket – whether for the daily commute to work, enjoying leisure time with the family or taking advantage of additional offers.

The easy way to find the best solution: answer the following questions to be sure of making the right choice. The Rhaetian Railway offers a broad range of tickets and travelcards in collaboration with other public transport operators in the Swiss canton of Graubünden. Benefit from the special offers for families, for example, or take a look at the surprising additional offers. The Ticket Finder shows you how.

Do you commute (almost) daily?

Do you travel…Ideal season ticket
always on the same route in the canton of Graubünden (approx. 25 km or more)?BÜGA
on different routes in the canton of Graubünden?BÜGA
on the same route all the time (up to approx. 25 km)?Section season ticket
on the same route all the time (approx. 120 km or more)?GA travelcard
on different lengthy routes?GA travelcard
by car to the station?Park + Rail

Do you only use public transport intensively for a short time?

Even if you only use public transport intensively for a short time, we still have the right offer for you:

Do you travel by public transport now and again?

Do you travel…Ideal season ticket
now and again on different routes?Half-fare card
now and again just for the day?

Half-fare card
1-day travelpass

now and again on the same route?Multi-ride ticket

Do you mainly travel on local public transport?

Do you travel...Ideal season ticket
frequently in the Upper Engadin?Engadin mobil
frequently in Davos?Verkehrsbetrieb der Landschaft Davos
frequently in the greater Chur area?TransReno

Do you have a family or do you live in a household of several people?

Do you have...Ideal season ticket
a family that travels in Graubünden?

BÜGA-Plus combinations (also for couples)

a family that travels frequently?

GA-Plus combinations (also for couples)

children aged 6 to 16?Junior card

a grandchild or godchild aged 6 to 16?

Junior Escort Card
children aged 16 to 25?Half-fare card
Do you live with someone who also often uses public transport?BÜGA- or GA-Plus combination «Duo Partner»