Section season ticket

Always the same! For a better price!

Always the same! Simply better value for money! If you regularly make the same journey, then the point-to-point season ticket is a good choice. Commuters get to avoid the stress and hassle of traffic jams on the roads. And the point-to-point season ticket lets you save in other ways too.

But there are even more reasons for buying a point-to-point season ticket: The reliability of the Rhaetian Railway. The relaxing journey free of traffic jams. And, of course, the price benefits of point-to-point season tickets – with even lower fares for children and young people aged between 6 and 25. Adults can use point-to-point season tickets for 1st or 2nd class travel, and are also free to choose a period of validity of one month or twelve months.


Tickets and further information can be obtained at all staffed stations of the Rhaetian Railway, by calling Railservice on +41 81 288 65 65, or by using the contact form.