Half-fare card

Across Switzerland at half price.

Only ever pay half price when you travel on public transport! Put your money on the right card: with the half-fare card, your travel really pays off.

The half-fare card allows you to travel half price in first and second class on all routes of Rhaetian Railway, Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) and most other railways in Switzerland. The half-fare card is also valid on buses and the PostBus, boats, trams, and selected mountain railways. 

Half-fare card

The half-fare card comes on your SwissPass and, unless you terminate it, is extended automatically for a further year. 

For more information take a look at www.sbb.ch/halbtax 


Half-fare card new price for one year

CHF 185.00

Half-fare card loyalty price for one yearCHF 165.00
Half-fare youth card: new price for one yearCHF 120.00
Half-fare youth card: loyalty price for one yearCHF 100.00

No discounts for students over 25 years old or senior citizens

All fares per person in CHF

Prices and products are subject to change


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