Right at the front thanks to the front camera


Rhaetian Railway (RhB) and Livesystems are presenting a special new service. Something we're all familiar with from planes is now also available on the railway: passengers on the Albula Line from St. Moritz to Chur can now see exactly what the train driver sees. This is made possible by a camera mounted on the control car which transmits its images directly to the screens on the train.

Passengers are thus given a new perspective on the UNESCO World Heritage route. Their eyes now don't just wander to the left and right to marvel at the landscapes out of the window, but also to the front via the screens from Livesystems which are equipped with the special passengertv service. Travelling through the helical tunnels and over the Landwasser Via-duct thus becomes a completely new experience. According to Livesystems, RhB is the first railway company to offer passengers this unique experience.

RhB interactive – anytime, anywhere, on and off the track
With the front cameras on the Alvra control cars, RhB is extending its offer of interactive and virtual experiences. RhB was a pioneer years ago when it became the first railway in the world to be fully integrated in Street View on Google Maps. The panoramic images provide unique views of the network as well as the mountainous landscape of Graubünden.
Eighteen webcams provide real-time pictures from the network in an endless loop in the RhB livestream. Further webcams provide insight into projects, such as the new construction of the Albula Tunnel and the extension of the RhB workshops in Landquart. The company has a piece of RhB for on your PC, mobile phone or tablet in the form of apps and downloads. www.rhb.ch/interactive