Open scenic carriages

Reaching out to touch the sky

All the carriages of the Rhaetian Railway provide a heavenly travel experience. But it's twice as much fun in the open scenic carriages: wind in your hair, fresh mountain air and pure enjoyment are all included in the open-topped trip over viaducts and through tunnels.

The open-air carriages have neither glazing nor heating. But they give you the feeling that you could reach out and touch the landscape of Graubünden, like no other train. Twelve 36-seat carriages and one 64-seater operate on the Bernina Line.

In July and August, the scenic carriages make scheduled runs between St. Moritz and Poschiavo. The open-topped carriages are therefore only available to a limited extent in the summer months.

Eine Fahrt mit dem offenen Aussichtswagen auf der Berninalinie


An all-round view and wind in your hair. There couldn't be anything better.

Fantastic panorama

The open carriages afford unimpeded views of the mountains of Graubünden. In good weather, the only thing standing between you and the impressive mountain landscape is your sun glasses.



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