Filisurer Stübli

The «canteen carriage»

The Filisurer Stübli lets you do just that: enjoy life and tickle your taste buds on the very spot where the engineers and railway workers used to take a break and grab a bite to eat.

Enjoy fine food, served up in a setting that offers one-in-a-million views – in this special period dining car, the former workers' canteen from the pioneering days of the railways. This is where the engineers and construction workers came to refuel before returning to the arduous task of building the UNESCO World Heritage route. Today, the Filisurer Stübli wends its way along the highest railway line in the Alps serving food lovers – its four tables each seat six people.

The Filisurer Stübli operates on the Bernina Line but can also be run, on request, in conjunction with other steam trains or charter trains on other sections of track.

3D - Aufnahme Filisurer Stübli

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Chug along the highest railway line in the Alps in the Filisurer Stübli while enjoying the very best of Graubünden's specialities.


A charming hostess will attend to you and your guests in the Filisurer Stübli.


Indulge yourself during the journey in the Filisurer Stübli. The cold dishes such as meat and cheese platters are served directly at your table – naturally paired with wine to match.



Offers and further information can be obtained by calling Railservice on +41 81 288 65 32, or by using the contact form.

Wagon layout diagram