Arosa Line

1 000 metres elevation gain in 1 hour

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The journey gets off to a leisurely start in Chur. But the sedate trundle through the town is soon over as the red train suddenly begins to climb up into the mountains, where Arosa awaits with fresh mountain air, sunshine and a dose of humour.

The Arosa Line climbs 1,000 metres in just 26 kilometres. The RhB line makes its way slowly through the streets of Chur – past the town walls, the Maltese tower and the Obertor gate. Minutes later, the train is wending its way through unspoilt nature and the mountainous landscape of Schanfigg. The composition seems to float across the Langwieser Viaduct over the Plessur river.

The journey to Arosa, at 1,800 metres above sea level, takes one hour. Once there, you can let your imagination run free for the day: take the cable car to the top of the Weisshorn or to the Carmennahütte. Hike high above the valley with views stretching over towards Tschiertschen. The famous Humour Festival takes place every December. Arosa is good for both body and soul.  

Ein Allegra-Triebzug der Rhätischen Bahn auf dem Langwieserviadukt. Bild: Andrea Badrutt
Die Arosabahn bei Peist im Schanfigg. Bild: Sylvia Heldstab
Ein Allegra-Triebzug auf dem Clasaurertobelviadukt zwischen Lüen und St. Peter-Molinis. Bild: Sylvia Heldstab
Die Arosabahn auf dem Langwieserviadukt. Bild: Andrea Badrutt
Ein Allegra-Triebzug auf dem Langwieserviadukt. Bild: Hansjörg Egger
Ein Allegra-Triebzug der Rhätischen Bahn kurz vor Arosa. Bild: Tibert Keller
Allegra-Triebzug beim Untersee in Arosa. Bild: Tibert Keller

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Buy VISA, Mastercard, Diners, JCB, Postfinance

Enjoy both charming Alpine town flair and fresh mountain air on the Arosa Line.


The magic of the mountains or vibrant city life? The oldest town in Switzerland offers both. Picturesque lanes and snow-covered peaks, modern shopping centres and unspoilt natural beauty, trendy restaurants and interesting museums. That's simply Chur: the first city of the Alps.


Langwieser Viaduct

The red train hovers elegantly 62 metres over the Plessur River. With a length of 284 metres, the Langwieser Viaduct in the Schanfigg Valley is the largest RhB bridge. 100 years ago, pioneering railway builders constructed what was then the first railway bridge of its size to be made from reinforced concrete. Today, it is considered a heritage site of national importance. In winter it is romantically bathed in a glow of light.


Weisshorn Cable Car

The panorama is unforgettable: in good weather, over 2,000 peaks can be seen from the Weisshorn. In 2013, the futuristic restaurant at the summit won the award for outstanding mountain architecture. In winter, a sporty sledging trail runs from the middle station to the valley. In summer, visitors of all ages ride back to the village on their kick scooters.


Graubünden's largest ski resort

Together, the Arosa and Lenzerheide ski resorts boast 225 kilometres of pistes. Since winter 2013/2014, the two destinations have been connected by cable car. A ski day pass includes travel from Chur to Arosa by RhB and from Chur to Lenzerheide by post bus.


Bild: Arosa Tourismus

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Arosa All Inclusive

The Arosa All-Inclusive Card lets you take advantage of lots of great summer offers:

  • Arosa-Weisshorn cable car (during operating hours)
  • Hörnli-Express gondola cable car (during operating hours)
  • Local bus
  • RhB line Arosa - Langwies - Arosa
  • Rope park
  • Pedalo and boat hire on the Obersee Lake
  • Indoor ice rink
  • Untersee lido
  • Driving range fee
  • Entry to the Schanfigg local history museum
  • Parking

The Arosa Card is free to guests staying one night or more in Arosa. People visiting for the day can obtain the Arosa Card at Arosa railway station, from the Arosa Tourism Office or at the cable car stations.


Day cardCHF 18.00
Children aged 7-16CHF 9.00
Children under 6free
Family pass (max. 2 adults, unlimited number of children)CHF 45.00


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