go.graubuenden.ch deactivated as of 1 May 2022

Thank you for visiting the cantonal booking platform go.graubuenden.ch. The platform is currently under reconstruction and is being developed into a Rhaetian Railway experience platform. 

We are happy to answer the most frequently asked questions here:


Are the experiences booked on the platform still valid?

Yes, booked experiences are still valid. Unless communicated otherwise, your experience will take place as planned. 

Is the hotel booking still valid?

Yes, hotel bookings are still valid.  

Can booked experiences be cancelled?

After the platform has been switched off, the GTC of go.graubuenden.ch will continue to apply. If the Terms and Conditions allow the booking to be cancelled, you can complete the refund request

Where can I find my tickets as I can no longer access my wallet?

If you lose your tickets, please contact our Railservice using the contact form


Are vouchers still valid?

Yes, vouchers are still valid. 

Where can I redeem purchased vouchers when the platform no longer exists?

Vouchers purchased on go.graubuenden.ch can be redeemed in the Rhaetian Railway web shop or in the Glacier Express web shop. If you can't find exactly what you are looking for, you can have the voucher refunded. In this case, please contact our Railservice using the contact form

Where can I buy vouchers in the future?

Rhaetian Railway offers a wide selection of vouchers and souvenirs on its website. 

If you have any further questions please contact our Railservice using the contact form

Until the Rhaetian Railway’s new experience platform is up and running, browse through the Rhaetian Railway web shop and be inspired by the wide range of rail offers. You can find tips for your holidays in the Swiss canton of Graubünden here