St. Moritz railway station

Refurbishment between 2014 and 2017

The station facilities in St. Moritz are to be comprehensively renovated and extended in the period 2014 to 2017. A completely new railway terminus with rail-free access, five platforms and numerous sidings will be built. 

Retaining walls with a total length of 250 m will have to be constructed parallel to the «Via Grevas» trunk road. The existing pedestrian underpass will be widened and extended and an additional stairway and ramp (Bernina platform) will be added. At the exit to the pedestrian underpass on the side of the lake, various underground spaces will be created for technical systems and storage. The platforms will be covered and designed to allow disabled access.

To preserve the track geometry of the Bernina Line, the Inn Viaduct will be widened. The main concourse building will remain unchanged. The interior spaces will be given a gentle renovation. Facilities for the railway’s own use will be installed in the goods shed. The Bahnhofsplatz, the square in front of the station, will be redesigned and reorganized. The new bus station will create the best possible opportunity for connecting between bus and train.

A good part of the building work at the station is set to be completed by the end of 2016, in good time to supply a new station of the latest design for the World Skiing Championship event being held in St. Moritz in February 2017. Some of the final touches will be carried out in 2017, along with construction of new island platform for the buses of the public transport system.

The total costs for the renovation are projected at CHF 66 million.